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    383 or 440 for my amateur vision

    915 has bigger valves and flows better than 516. Both are closed chamber heads and the chamber size is roughly the same if I recall right
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    power steering pump notes, shuffle and issues

    I could be wrong but I think that saginav pump has oval filler tube versus the round one on the federal. Also the housing should resemble more like a pear. About the pulley itself, it can be removed though you need suitable puller. I made a diy puller long time ago to remove the pulley on my...
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    foam gaskets in drum backing plate

    I made mine from backing material that came with some electrical apparatus. Radios, TVs, amplifiers and such are usually wrapped with white thin foam material which is just perfect for those gaskets
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    parts cars and dead horses warning = pic heavy!!

    Could you check the front valance of that brown 72 fury. It does sit awfully close to the ground so it might be toasted but who knows. I would like to get better one as mine has serious collision damage from a forklift apparently