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    1972 fury AC heater core, removable from engine bay?

    Well the damn core started leaking last year just when I had new seats and floor mat installed. I bypassed the core for that summer but I feel that now the time has come to fix it. I have the engine out so there is plenty of space in the engine bay. Can I remove the core through that black...
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    Convertible Hurst in Roadkill episode 66

    Anyone else watching roadkill and noticed? There was one second glimpse of ragtop Hurst. Here is a screen capture from the video According to allmighty wikipedia only two known ragtops made? Anyone from colorado area near that wrecking yard with more info if it is a real deal or clone?
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    72 fury interior, gold or ivy gold?

    I am going to get a new carpet for my 72 4 door Fury and came up with a problem about the interior color. The interior is definately goldish but I have seen carpets for sale for Fury as gold and ivy gold. Mine seems to have slight greenish tint on the color so which one could it be? I have a...
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    1969 chrysler body panel interchange

    Hi folks, I am new to the site but I have been reading the forum as a guest for some years already. I have small collection of mopars in my carage and lately I have been more interested in the c-bodies. I already have a -72 four door fury as a summer time grocery getter / cruiser but I have...