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  1. Seb'74

    Power windows issue

    Hi folks, Considering my old 1974 Fury Gran Sedan (4 door hardtop), here is my last trouble. Yesterday, the driver side window broke down again. Not electrical, it's (again) a mechanical failure. The pinions broke again, the window gets down, but does not lift up without hand help. I've already...
  2. Seb'74

    Dashboard removal (74 Fury Gran Sedan)

    Hello friends, How can I remove the wide metal sheet on the top of the dashboard (the one with the vents and central loudspeaker grille)? Is there a way to remove it without removing the whole dashboard? Thanks for your help, Sebastien
  3. Seb'74

    Power window assembly removal (74 Fury Gran Sedan)

    Hello friends, I have to replace the gears of the windows motors. I replaced the driver's one, but when removing the motor, I broke the compensator spring ("clock" spring?). 1 : where can I find it? and 2, most important : is there a way to remove the WHOLE assembly, instead of only the motor...