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  1. Sluggo

    Welcome Dutch_reaper to FCBO!

    Welcome from Greensboro
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    Welcome Philmalone to FCBO!

    I'm slow to the party, but welcome.
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    Welcome 63 newyorker to FCBO!

    Welcome from Pittsburgh
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    Welcome bigpoppa to FCBO!

    Welcome to the group
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    Welcome garry martin to FCBO!

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    Welcome erzmo to FCBO!

    Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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    Welcome charlieimperial to FCBO!

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    Welcome Vic to FCBO!

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    Welcome Sluggo to FCBO!

    My territory is the I-80 corridor from 79 across to Clarion. I've spent some time in your neck of the woods- it is nice up there.
  10. Sluggo

    Welcome Sluggo to FCBO!

    Thank you to all, I'm happy to be here! I am looking forward to starting a project and learning and sharing from and with all of you!
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    Welcome Sluggo to FCBO!

    It's been years since owning a Mopar. Now that I'm in my mid 50s, my son wants to buy and work on a car together. Thankfully, He likes C Bodies; meaning that we are looking for technical advice, classifieds and want to pick up some practical knowledge - someday give some back to the group...