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  1. Seb'74

    1974 Fury Gran Sedan dual line exhaust build

    Hi C-bodies-Friends, I'm going to replace the exhaust of my 1974 Fury Gran Sedan. Currently it's a single line, with 2 mufflers, a big one before the rear axle, and a smaller one after the rear axle. It will be a dual exhaust line. I will go to a local shop to make the dual lines, but I nee help...
  2. Seb'74

    Exhaust for 74 Fury Gran Sedan

    Hello Friends, I'm looking for a dual exhaust line for my 74 Fury Gran Sedan. I searched a lot on the net, but it seem quit hard to find something for 74 and up. Lots of stuff for pre-73. Looking for something universal. 400 ci, Torqueflite, no air-cond. Anybody have a link or some leads? Thanks...