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    69-71 Imperial photo harvest

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    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Maybe it is the car. Not many people have the respect we have for Imperials.
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    Imperial model name

    Here is my 2 cents. The Imperial Limos started in the early 30's. They were produced unbroken by Chrysler until 1956. After that, Ghia produced a very limited number of limos on and off until 1965. Now, if this is 1956 Crown Imperial limo there is a simple way to tell. Look at the top of the...
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    1969 Imperial I may be pulling the trigger on today

    Again from personal experience, the 69's especially the early ones made in 68, were horrendous. Broken parts from the factory, inadequate trunk sealer. paint that never shined, broken A/C from the factory and sequential turn signals that never - ever worked are only a few examples. The 71 was...
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    I finally bought an Imperial

    The one thing i never understood about this era of Imperial was why the wheel was black? This was common on the 74's. I know from personal experience that the 73's were color coordinated and that the NYB's were also.
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    Torsion Bars not working

    This may not be prescient, However my dad drove Imperials for years. He regularly add 500 to 700 lbs to the cars in clothing samples. His solution was to have extra leaves put into the springs. When the car was loaded it road evenly. When unloaded the car was about 3 inches higher. It did take...
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    Does a 1964 Imperial need upgrades for 70mph?

    You may notice that my profile picture is of a 64 Imperial. Your car has 2:93 gears. These car will eat highways at 70 mph. This is what Imperials were designed to do. Just go over the front end, shocks, torsion bars and rear leaves. brakes (if you have the money and time - go to a dual chamber...
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    Imperial Executive Suite

    To the gentleman mentioning "suicide doors" aka doors that latch at the B pillars, this is a novel idea. However, I doubt if Chrysler did not pursue this as a valid idea (64 - 66) because of any copycat ism. Rather, you have to remember the genesis of this platform. It was originally used in...
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    Cleaning an imperial

    As an owner of one of these magnificent automobiles, I resent this clod calling it a beast. He is like everyone post Gas Crisis One. Anything that does not look like a roller skate MUST be denigrated. These people are clueless. Why don't they stick with 327 Impala's and leave the true AMERICAN...
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    Cleaning an imperial

    As to mychoice of online shows 1) Nicks Garage 2) Cold Era 3) Derek Vice Grip Garage 4) Uncle Tony
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    Cleaning an imperial

    To begin with the vehicle itself was totally gone. No interior to speak of (imagine trying to duplicate the leather) It is obvious the engine is really in bad shape The best thing they could do is to strip it and sell the parts to someone who really wants to restore an Imperial.
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    1969 Imperial progress thread

    fast story. In September of 1968 my dad bought the first 69 Crown four door sedan in the Chicago region. It was loaded up and triple black. When got the car home he found that the rear fender tips were unpainted. The Auto temp was inoperative and the entire trunk leaked water. My father (a dyed...
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    My new '67 Imperial sedan.

    Sorry I did not mean to blow dust in your eyes. lol It is just that this modification is exactly what I always thought Chrysler should have done with the 67 - 69 Sedan. They seemed bent on marketing the Imperials to a younger crowd. When in reality, most Imperial owners were in their 50's and...
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    My new '67 Imperial sedan.

    You do realize either one of the subsequent owners OR the factory modified this Imperial. You have a Le Baron rear window and a Crown split seat interior. Personally, I like the modifications immensely. The person that said it looked like an Embassy Car was right on. I never understood why...
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    1969 Imperial Guru question.

    Nice shot of the tilt/telescope wheel. I cannot imagine where to put a pinstripe on a 69. I suppose if you had to have one, they could place it along the body crease (as they did with moldings in 70 and 71. Incidentally, i have first hand knowledge of 69's as my dad had a 69 Crown and I was at...
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    69-71 Imperial photo harvest

    You guys all seem hung up on Fuselage Era Imperials. How the 65 Sequoia Green Le Baron is GORGEOUS!!