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  1. chipieal

    Sport Fury GT or Chrysler 300 Hurst

    Since I LOVE road cars Thr Hurst
  2. chipieal

    What is your daily driver?

    I am sorry to say mine is a 2001 Lincoln Town car. My wife's is a 1978 Buick Riviera. My 64 Crown (pictured at left) was sold several years ago to pay doctor bills. Does this mean I have to leave this site? LOL
  3. chipieal

    I just don't understand... Just what is a 1963 Chrysler, anyway?

    Anybody try to explain what a 63 Pacesetter is.? While explaining try the 64 Siler Anniversary.
  4. chipieal

    Anyone want to discuss This??

    Pure and Simple. My dad drove Imperials from 1956 to 1973. In 76 he bought a NYB. I have had two Newports and a NYB St Regis in thriple dove gray. I wish Chrysler still made real cars rather than unafforable ones and electric cars (from Chrysler)?
  5. chipieal

    Early disk brakes

    Don't Forget that Chrysler offered "Aircraft Style Disc Brakes" from 1949 to 1954. They were standard on the Crown Imperial Limos. It was also an option on the regular production Chrysler (I believe it was a $300.00 option - $3500.00 in 2022).
  6. chipieal

    1963-1964 C Body

    They may have looked rather strange. However, I was gifted a brand new 1964 Newport sedan at age 16. It was my dads idea of a good reliable kids car! It had a 383 2 Barrel and was VERY FAST. I drove the hell out of it from the Spring of 1964 through Christmas 1969. Car had 250,000 miles on it...
  7. chipieal

    My new old Jet Age 300

    I totally agree. not to put to fine a point on it -- those were the days. You could even half way trust politicians. (sorry for being political I know the powers that be have made that "Incorrect". The 300 went through an unusual metamorphosis. From 1955 -- through about 1963 it was true to Bob...