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    Manifold heat control valve on a 383

    Thanks. I tried the IR gun. The manifold heat valve heated up to 225F degrees and stayed there. The other side was about the same the same distance down. The exhaust pipes, about 4” from the bend on both sides, were about 125F. The stock cast iron intake manifold was all over the place depending...
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    Manifold heat control valve on a 383

    I presume from the pic attached the Manifold Heat Control Valve is closed so the flow goes back over the intake manifold to the drivers side exhaust. Correct? It is frozen solid. I could not budge it. I will put some penetrating oil on it tomorrow and let it soak a while. Thanks Chuck
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    Manifold heat control valve on a 383

    I see a lot of discussion about “open”or “closed” position but which is the “open” or flow through position? Is the counterweight horizontal or vertical in the open position? Thanks. Chuck
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    Power brake booster check valve

    Hi thanks. Do you know the size of the barb that goes into the booster? Is it 1/2” or 3/4”? I have ordered 4 different ones from O’Reilly’s but all were too small. Mine is a 3/4” barb. Chuck