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    Found a 68 for sale and need some advice/help

    I've come across a what looks to be a nice 68 Imp Hardtop for sale on FB, which I don't have. Guy has provided a home number to call rather than mobile and says car is in great condition, but also says needs work. Could somebody who knows the cars well give him a call on my behalf to ask the...
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    A 67 Crown Coupe with no price

    I came a cross a car for sale in Europe which looks like a great colour combo and wished to have opinions on it, condition and poss value if you'd care to offer advice? It has rust damage to rear fenders at bottoms, seats have a little damage on rears, tyres been changed to new non W/W, Veeners...
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    1975 Imperial Crown Coupe

    Thought this may be of interest, is it a triple pickle ? not my thing but even if just to look at the pics for Imperial fans... Canadian $15k car for sale 1975 Imperial Crown Coupe | Classic Cars | Edmonton | Kijiji Description I have here a very rare collectable low production 1975...
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    69 Chrysler Imperial 2dr not mine updated

    This car was posted already in another thread, but now has more pics added and out in daylight. Thought best to start a new post... 1969 Chrysler Imperial - cars & trucks - by dealer - vehicle...
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    I tried to buy an Imperial and failed, but got this instead!

    As per the headline, I tried and failed several times so when this came up for sale I could not resist. Only 2600 of both the Park Avenue and the Town Sedan were made in 1962, no figures available for ratio. These were a shorter car than the Deville by around a foot, this is still 215 inches...
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    What's this below the dash? 68 lebaron

    What is this below the dash, to the right of the keys?
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    Excuse my ignorance but ?

    Getting close to buying a car at the moment and wanted to ask if there is any issue with running modern unleaded petrol (gas) in a 68 Imperial engine. If yes, should I use a fuel additive, which one? if not then all good. If any UK members are reading this, where is the best online UK stockist...
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    Brochure Pics 55 to 93 video

    A nice little 3.5 min video of pics I found, I enjoyed it