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    For Sale 67 Chrysler Imperial 4 dr HT Not mine

    Seems there are a few cars coming on the market now. Spoke with the owner of this one and its not for me as needing a few things sorted out which are not appealing for me to do. It looked great in the pics with a nice colour combo though...
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    For Sale 68 Chrysler Imperial Crown Auction car Not Mine

    Car is in Wyoming, a 4 dr and in that beautiful Copper colour. Description All original. 69,xxx miles, 440 V-8. Automatic; runs and drives. Needs to be picked up on the day it says ! unless prior arrangements made. Must have looked amazing when new. More pics on site 1968 Chrysler Imperial...
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    For Sale 68 Dodge Monaco Convertible 440 Not mine

    I have no idea about values for these but car looks good IMHO A Canadian one at $13k and close to border with Maine Description 68 Dodge Monaco convertible,440 CI, 727 transmission, new roof ,interior and carpets 4 new radials 2019 safety inspected for 2 yrs 2019.Car will drive anywhere 1968...
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    For Sale 73 NY'r 4 dr hard top not mine

    Think this may be a scam, but if not ! $1800 73 CHRYSLER NY 440cui - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... The pictures say it all about the 1973 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham with only 84K miles!! The car is clean, the brocade interior is very good, The vinyl top is new, The paint is...
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    For Sale Green 68 Imperial 4dr HT not mine

    It's green so counts me out for being interested in buying, price too as thinking it's optimistic given other cars which have surfaced recently. Anyhoo, may be for somebody here so thought worth posting... Tis on facebook too, but I can't get links to work 1968 Chrysler Imperial - cars &...
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    For Sale 67 Chrysler Newport Custom 2dr fastback Not mine Canadian

    This looks to be a great car with a little wiggle room in the price which is in Canadian $ Nice leather ? bucket seats and no vinyl roof to worry about rust under, looks ready to drive home. Hope it goes to a good home... Hello...
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    For Sale 1973 Newport 2 dr in Canada, not mine

    Thought this worth posting, lovely colour and funky interior, close to Quebec USA border. $9.5k Canadian which seems very good if all is as below, though I'm no expert in prices for these. Chrysler Newport 1973, 74,500 miles, 2 doors. Completely refurbished; body, brakes, silencer, roof. New...
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    For Sale Wanted Imperial or NY'er

    Looking to buy a 67 or 68 Imperial coupe or hardtop which needs only to be maintained, no projects, due to expense of shipping parts and lack of experienced people to work on them on my behalf. No green cars inside or out is only other concern. detmatt has very kindly been helping me search in...
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    For Sale 1972 Plymouth Fury , NM and in Europe

    This post is for the European members among us, a 4 dr in very good condition and price may be less if you are outwith Germany and have no need for the Reg and testing ? A dealer car 1972 Plymouth Fury - Sale
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    For Sale 68 Imperial Crown Convertible Not Mine

    BAT just listed a Convertible which needs a bit of work but might go for a reasonable price? Location Vermont Weather not good enough where I live to buy such a car, so still looking for a nice coupe or Hardtop if anyone wants to sell....? 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible
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    For Sale 1972 Chrysler New Yorker Not Mine 4dr

    Posting this up from Facebook I dont have FB so link wont work ? so took screenshot for you to search if interested. Pics also tiny for me. Maybe somebody can upload it better than me ! Looks like a real nice car for $5.5k
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    For Sale 1973 Chrysler New Yorker 2 dr Not mine

    Posting this up from Facebook I dont have FB so link wont work ? so took screenshot for you to search if interested. Pics also tiny for me. Maybe somebody can upload it better than me ! Seems like a good price at $6.5k ?
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    For Sale 69 Imperial 4 dr not mine

    This has got to be worth $1600 ? Beautiful colour combo, wish it was a 67 or 68 ! 1969 Chrysler Imperial - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
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    For Sale 1968 Imperial Crown Sedan $4500 NM

    1968 Imperial Crown - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive... Nice survivor! Runs and drives great. I drive it all over and never have any issues. 440 with a 727 auto. 99.9% rust free! It does have ac that works but the fan isn’t kicking on, that’s an easy fix. It just hit 80k miles...
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    For Sale 1970 New Yorker NM Toronto location

    $9.5k canadian , claims 20k miles, worth posting... 1970 New Yorker | Classic Cars | Oakville / Halton Region | Kijiji
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    For Sale 1967 Dodge Monaco Sedan NM

    I came close to buying this but had issues with my shipper so pulled out. Thought worth posting as it's in such good condition bar some paint touch up. Was available to me for $7500 inc paperwork charge, so a good discount from the $10k on ad from dealer. They don't own it. Loads of pics, a...
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    For Sale 1968 Chrysler 300 fastback Canadian MN

    Pity this is so far away from the coast, beautiful looking car... $14.5k Canadian 1968 Chrysler 300, with a 440, 4 barrel carb, car is in very good condition, asking price is $14,500 obo call 780-266-6974
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    For Sale 1973 Chrysler Imperial 4dr NM

    Some work to do but ! worth posting $11.5k 1973 Chrysler Imperial - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... for sale a 1973 Chrysler Imperial. THE GOOD: She is a Sherwood Green, 4 door gem with an off white vinyl top and green interior. Power plant is a 440 with 99k miles. All power windows...
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    For Sale 1966 Dodge Coronet 4Dr NM Canadian

    No pics of inside but looks very clean, engine bay and trunk. FOR SALE ...... 1966 Dodge ( CHRYLSER ) Coronet 4Dr..... | Classic Cars | Truro | Kijiji
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 4DR NM Canadian

    Seems like a nice car for the cash ? $7k canadian 1969 Chrysler New Yorker | Classic Cars | Winnipeg | Kijiji