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  1. 5fty7vn

    66 Newport PS Pump

    So i've had work done to the power steering pump on my 66 Newport. One thing the mechanic mentioned to me there seemed to be a bolt "missing" on the bracket that mounts to the block. Currently, the pump wobbles and vibrates more than I care for it to so I took a look to see what he might be...
  2. 5fty7vn

    66 Newport Steering Gear Boc

    Anyone know where I could find a reputable gear box for a 1966 Newport......or someone who does quality work restoring one? Mine has a leak at the top, mechanic thinks it could be a seal that is gone bad. We talked about replacing it or even having this one rebuilt since the settings on my...
  3. 5fty7vn

    Milky "froth" from radiator overflow hose

    Hello.............the past week or so i've noticed a brownish milky "foam/froth" coming out of the radiator overflow hose. The car doesn't run hot or seem to have any issues while running.......anyone have any ideas what this is and how to stop it? I have a 1966 Chrysler Newport with a 383...
  4. 5fty7vn

    '66 Newport Carburetor

    I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice. My '66 Newport is running pretty rich. The carb was rebuilt about 11-12 years ago and when I go to start the engine while it's cold it'll almost always start for a second before it dies if there is unspent fuel igniting. When I...