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  1. Rosco

    Need positive cable length '68 Fury

    I'm having a custom positive battery cable built for my '68 Fury ll with a 318. Need cable length from battery to starter. The part number for the positive cable is 2926 086 and the official parts catalog does not list a length (they only list a length for the negative-28") Don't want to...
  2. Rosco

    Are these plug wire holders available??

    I have 4 of these tabs on my valve covers and am wondering if there's an O'reilly's part that attaches to these to hold the plug wires or is this more like a zip-tie scenario? I've looked online but don't see an obvious match. Motor is an LA 318.
  3. Rosco

    Need battery tray size, '68 Fury

    Sounds silly- why the $&#@ don't you just go measure it? The car is not with me and I'm going to visit it real soon w/ a new battery and need to know if it'll fit. Car is a 1968 Fury ll w/ 318. Inside of tray dimensions would be great- ie 11" x 7"... Thanks!!
  4. Rosco

    the bozo backwards battery blunder

    I'm not even going to start to explain that it wasn't actually me who hooked up my battery backwards (positive lead to ground and vica-versa) cuz there isn't anyone who would actually believe that! Let's just say it happened. There was initially a very wrong smelling stink followed by a mini...
  5. Rosco

    Dont wanna burn up my car

    I've been seeing off and on about an inherent problem with how the charging system runs too much current through the ammeter under certain conditions leading to a potential fire. I followed a link to "Nacho's' "Some considerations about the charging and wiring upgrade..." Wow...