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  1. Rosco

    WANTED spark plug wire holders

    HI, Looking for a set of spark plug wire holders that fit onto the tabs on my valve covers. Check the photos for the actual tabs on my valve covers and an image of a new set of the clips. thanks! Rosco
  2. Rosco

    WANTED '68 Fury washer nozzles

    Can't find nozzles anywhere. I need the whole shooting match: reservoir, pump, hoses and nozzles. Open to any leads. thanks! -Rosco
  3. Rosco

    WANTED no '68 Fury windshields in the USA??

    Hello, Having a hard time tracking down a windshield for my 1968 Fury II C body 4-door sedan. Several places have looked and some are telling me not available. Auto City Classics told me they have an order coming but not 'til mid February. Does anybody have a lead? I'd like to obtain...