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    Buying a 68 Le Baron on you tube

    Just before Covid happened I was looking at buying at buying a 68 Imperial in Oklahoma. One of our members Patrick was kind enough to offer go look at it for me then everything shut down, so I missed out. Anyhoo, while browsing on you tube came across the car and it's new owner buying it. Don't...
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    1968 Imperial Convertible not mine on BAT

    First glance looks good, the more I look the more I see things I dont want to be seeing. 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible
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    Wanted a 66 or 67 New Yorker 4 door Hardtop

    $25k my friend... and it looks like a year old maybe ! I'd offer to buy but they'd just laugh. That 65 imperial you linked to in another thread is a stunner too, but just not my taste, wish it was. After viewing the video of the Mobile Director I posted up, maybe I should consider a 2 door after...
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    Wanted a 66 or 67 New Yorker 4 door Hardtop

    It is a lovely example and been for sale for some time ! I cant see them getting even $20k but if I had the funds I'd buy it. It looks fab in every way even the white interior, which is a bit bling, Elvis Rhinestone jumpsuit ! Yes agreed NYer makes a lot of sense, just need one to turn up in...
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    Wanted a 66 or 67 New Yorker 4 door Hardtop

    Been looking for an Imperial for some time and have had no joy. I never really considered anything else until I saw this car on ebay, stunning but way over my budget ! It made me look at the 67's too and again made me change my mind from the Imperial only mindset. So anyone got a non green...