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  1. bronze turbine

    2023 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

    Imperials are beautiful cars in every incarnation, except those ones that are kind of k-car based. Those aren't the best, but still OK.
  2. bronze turbine

    Looked what parked next to me at the Frankenmuth Show

    I love those cars. Would love to take a road trip in one.
  3. bronze turbine

    Mike66Chryslers pics from Carlisle 2022

    Thanks for the pics. I really enjoyed seeing your car in the building.
  4. bronze turbine

    Thoughts from Carlisle 2022

    I thought there were a lot of vendors, but none as organized as mobileparts.
  5. bronze turbine

    Thoughts from Carlisle 2022

    I think just about the coolest thing I saw there was the 1955 Imperial Body on the 2006 Magnum chassis. So impressive!! There was also a 1955 300 on a 2017 Hellcat chassis done by the same crew. Blew my mind! Also the green Dodge Charger Daytona in the building was very cool. Someone had a...
  6. bronze turbine

    Updated my photo from 1965 at the Chrysler Nationals

    I enjoyed seeing your car up close. I was not familiar with that model.