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  1. 66sptfry

    Carlisle 2021

    Damn I hope you get to feeling better soon and are able to make it to the show.
  2. 66sptfry

    Mopar Mania

    Has anyone been to this show before or is going this year.
  3. 66sptfry

    Farmington MOPAR show

    I've decided to work cause of the rain. Maybe next year.
  4. 66sptfry

    Farmington MOPAR show

    Hey C Body Bob there is a slim chance I may be able to go to the show. My only concern is the weather. I seen that there is a 90% chance of rain for Saturday. Is this accurate
  5. 66sptfry

    Farmington MOPAR show

    I'll miss it again this year cause of work.
  6. 66sptfry


    Wow what a bunch of Bs
  7. 66sptfry

    Mopar Nationals 2016 - Germany

    Great looking cars thanks for sharing
  8. 66sptfry

    Street Nat's Hannover

    Cool cars thanks for the pics