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  1. bronze turbine

    Hidden (Concealed) Headlight Doors Misaligned

    My car is 10 years older than yours, but I aligned my headlight doors by adjusting the stopper and twisting the torsion bar. Mine just didn't close far enough, but by twisting the torsion bar I was able to get them to close tighter.
  2. bronze turbine

    lenses/lights help

    I recognize 1 of them which looks like it's from a '67 Chrysler front turn signal (the clear one that has the "made in Canada" sticker).
  3. bronze turbine

    [SOLVED] Stuck Trunk Lid - Key turns but doesn't pop lid

    definitely the key should not turn 180 degrees
  4. bronze turbine

    [SOLVED] Stuck Trunk Lid - Key turns but doesn't pop lid

    On one of my cars I always have to push down on the trunk lid while turning the key. I hope it's that simple for you!
  5. bronze turbine

    Emblem clip/Grommet?

    I think what you need are called speed nuts, they're self threading, made out of sheet metal.
  6. bronze turbine

    More To Come Part II

    '69-'73 Imperials are some of the coolest cars ever! Nice work so far!
  7. bronze turbine

    Road Wheel Balance: Rear Weights Only?

    That looks just like an old-school wheel weight. Doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary.
  8. bronze turbine

    '68 Suburban wiper blades

    18" is what I use on the '68 Chrysler.
  9. bronze turbine

    '68 Suburban wiper blades

    If it uses the same wipers as my '68 Chrysler then the top picture is definitely correct.
  10. bronze turbine

    ‘67 Monaco basket case

    Wow. Respect. I love seeing this!