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  1. bronze turbine

    1968 Chrysler power steering pressure hose

    I was just wondering what the orientation of this hose was from the factory. I've seen this hose attached all kinds of different ways but I was never sure which way the factory did it. I picture would be GREAT if anyone has one. Thanks!
  2. bronze turbine

    Does anyone have a '68 Chrysler 4-door with a center console?

    Do these even exist? I'm pretty sure I saw one once. I think it would be cool because of the rarity of it.
  3. bronze turbine

    1968 Chrysler 300 front turn signal bulb

    I hate to ask this question because I should be able to look this up, but believe me, I've tried. I don't trust the information I'm finding. What is the correct amber front turn signal bulb? Is it 1157? Isn't that a dual filament bulb used for the tail lights? I'm hoping some expert here...
  4. bronze turbine

    1968 Chrysler 300 A/C HELP!!

    My mechanic just charged my a/c with R-134a. He made NO changes to the system. What should I do? Should I purge the system of all gas immediately and unplug the compressor so it doesn't run? I thought to convert to R-134a you had to make a lot of changes to the system. I didn't want that, I...