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  1. bronze turbine

    1968 Chrysler power steering pressure hose

    I was just wondering what the orientation of this hose was from the factory. I've seen this hose attached all kinds of different ways but I was never sure which way the factory did it. I picture would be GREAT if anyone has one. Thanks!
  2. bronze turbine

    Anyone want to discuss This??

    My dad bought a '68 New Yorker in about 1971. I really loved that car. Took many family vacations in it. Started driving it to high school in the early '80s and then to college. Passed it on to my brother when my grandmother bought me a 1980 Dodge Mirada. He drove it quite a bit also until...
  3. bronze turbine

    How many were sold??

    With the number of options you had to choose from, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a bunch of cars that were actually unique--1 of 1. I miss those days, but it must have been a nightmare for manufacturing.
  4. bronze turbine

    Weight of 426 Hemi?

    CBODY67, You are a wealth of knowledge, and your answers are always so thorough and well thought out. And you share your knowledge so generously. Also you have impeccable spelling and grammar. I don't mean to slight anyone else here, because I appreciate everyone's input, but this has been on...
  5. bronze turbine

    1966 Newport BB to Magnum swap HELP

    Putting a 5.9 Magnum in a big old c-body has kind of been my dream swap. I'm anxious to hear about the results!
  6. bronze turbine

    1964 Dodge 880 shakes/wobble at low speeds and first gear (0-30 mph) and when car attemps to stop. Smooth at high speeds

    Sounds a bit like I remember from the old days driving on tires with shifted or broken belts. Could also be warped brake drums, maybe?
  7. bronze turbine

    Say HELLO to CL23G66195870!

    It's a really beautiful car!
  8. bronze turbine

    factory build numbers

    We have one. But unfortunately someone removed the 3-speed and installed a 4 on the floor. Ours is a forest green color.
  9. bronze turbine

    67 300 won't start

    Well, I don't think the lack of Stabil is your problem. I have gas in my '68 300 that's probably 3 years old, and the car starts and runs fine. Have you tried some starting fluid? If you have spark the engine should fire right away with that. If you're getting nothing I would suspect no spark.
  10. bronze turbine

    '66 300 vent window whistle

    I just noticed you said your window doesn't stay shut when you give it that extra push. Mine does. I'm not sure what the difference would be.
  11. bronze turbine

    '66 300 vent window whistle

    My '68 300 makes a whistling noise from the vent window area when you are going down the highway, but I actually think it's the mirror and not the window making the noise. If I put my hand over the mirror, the noise goes away. Anyway, with the vent window, it's best NOT to crank it too tight...
  12. bronze turbine

    It was twenty years ago today…

    Awesome story! Cool car!
  13. bronze turbine

    1968 NewYorker Shock absorbers

    Maybe times have changed, but in my limited experience I've had much better luck with KYB shocks than Monroe. I've also heard Bilstein and Koni make a good shock. Maybe Gabriel?
  14. bronze turbine

    Does anyone have a '68 Chrysler 4-door with a center console?

    Do these even exist? I'm pretty sure I saw one once. I think it would be cool because of the rarity of it.
  15. bronze turbine

    1968 Training film

    It ought to be nice, I think it consists of about 12 separate pieces!
  16. bronze turbine

    1968 Training film

    All together we have these two 300s, two Newports, and a New Yorker.
  17. bronze turbine

    1968 Training film

    Only 2 of them are driveable at the moment and pics have already been posted here. One is the gold 300 with the 4-speed and the other is the bronze 300 convertible. There is a Newport parts car, our original New Yorker which was my dad's which is in a sad state at the moment, and the Newport...
  18. bronze turbine

    1968 Training film

    I watched this on YouTube a while ago. It was pretty entertaining. We have 5 1968 Chryslers.