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  1. Love Shack

    B and C body leaf springs

    If you are going to replace them, I vote ESPO X 100. Excellent product, reasonable prices, and good people to work with!!!
  2. Love Shack

    68 Plymouth Fury Wagon Rear Springs

    Bought a set from ESPO 2years ago. They out priced local shops EVEN WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED!! Very happy with the quality. Very knowledgeable people and great to deal with!
  3. Love Shack

    1970 Chrysler Newport tire size conversion

    We have 235/75/15 Hankook Optima tires on our 70 .....
  4. Love Shack

    Leaf springs

    Bought a pair from ESPO for our 70 Newport convertible. High quality, great price, well satisfied. Great people to work with!
  5. Love Shack

    What do you think??

    I think a set of chrome steel rims would look pretty tough on that Dodge!
  6. Love Shack

    Replacing leaf springs

    A huge THANK YOU to all of you. I've seen Springs and Things mentioned in other posts, and along with all of your endorsements, they also have the best price, and we are going to buy from them. I'll be sure to soak all the fasteners and carefully loosen them by hand before the serious wrenching...
  7. Love Shack

    Replacing leaf springs

    Hi Guys! I brother and I have a 70 Newport convertible that our dad left to us many years ago. The car has been in the family since it was a year old, and has about 41,000 miles. It was never driven in the winter, seldom in the rain, well just seldom driven, I guess the mileage works out to...
  8. Love Shack

    HELP! Can't find this little part.

    I checked my parts book, and I believe its listed as 'Front Brake Hose Bracket Part No. 2467 899 ' The book shows both sides are the same for '68 but try holding it up to the other side to be sure. The brackets for '69 are listed with separate part numbers for left and right. It also...
  9. Love Shack

    Incorret Idler Arm?

    I bought a Moog idler arm through Advanced Auto Parts a couple of years ago for my 70 Newport, and it was an exact match to the OEM. I also think it may have been mispackaged, and would have them check with another one.