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    Craig (Mobileparts)

    I'll agree with that last statement. Being a cop isn't an easy job and most people probably wouldn't want it. And there are some great cops. But there are bad cops too. The sad thing is that to deal with the animals they deal with cops often times have to be almost as bad.
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    Craig (Mobileparts)

    Apparently this is not without precedent in this town. Hempstead Village pays $4.5 milion to settle lawsuit that alleged police brutality Hempstead Village agreed to borrow $4.5 million to pay the settlement. Credit: Howard Schnapp By Jesse [email protected] 25, 2020 The...
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    70's gas station - hot "fast" food sandwiches!!??

    We used to have a small airport in our town and that is the first (and I think only) place I had the Stewart sandwiches that you heated in the chrome oven. I remember really liking them. This was probably around the late '70s.
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    Some people should not work on cars

    I had some work done on my '68 300 a month or so ago and they forgot to put the fan belt on. :(
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    Australian Buys New Yorker from Murray Park and ships it.

    The reclining seat required a headrest. That's why you see so many of these cars with only a passenger headrest. Seems silly not to just spend the extra few bucks so the seats match.
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    Rare 64 Studebaker Commander wagon

    Anyone who has the opportunity to check out the Studebaker museum in South Bend, Indiana should do it. Amazingly interesting!