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    62 rear axle info needed

    Hello everyone, hope all are well.I have a problem with 62 300 8-3/4 rear axle. The pumpkin was changed to a 489 sure grip sometime in its life and the tapered axles remain, problem with axle bearing is sticking out past housing flange by 5mm , so backing plate is not flush with housing . axles...
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    62 300 rear hubs

    Just an update was able to locate a hub from a 64 fury from a member here that works fine and has center lip on it . not sure what other hub with no lip is all about, but found out tapered axle hubs from different models all work .
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    62 300 rear hubs

    Hello everyone, I have a 62 Chrysler 300 , found different brake hubs when seperating drums. Any body know hub without lip is from different model , will have to find matching hub with lip.