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    Some more classic pictures

    Can any one decipher the license plate state? It would be interesting to know and where the picture was taken. We had a '59 wagon identical to this one(including roof rack), that my parents took us three boys and an aunt(mom's sister) one year and an uncle (dad's brother) the following year, '59...
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    Feel like a damned criminal!!!???

    A Degree. I had a boss who bragged about his degree and diploma hanging on the wall for all to see. I had finally had enough and asked him how he got it. "I deserved it." was his answer. No I told him, you just gave all the correct answers. He was one of these guys, that when they asked who...
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    Feel like a damned criminal!!!???

    The premise is, "My mask protects you, while your mask protects me." So by that stupidity, if you're wearing a mask, and I'm not, you're not protected, BUT, I am!
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    Feel like a damned criminal!!!???

    My condolences also. I agree there is something out there, just as its always been. We will never know the true number, cause too many are just being listed as covid. Was told by the neighbors(good,faithful church goers),their minister told them a friend who is a nurse had a 90+ man pass away on...
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    Cars that refuse to die... Or the owners who won't let them.

    Years ago I worked for a company that required an annual exam by their in house doctor, Dr Tan(honest). He had you put a gown on, lay on the table, pull your knees up and hold with your arms wrapped around them. You then heard the "snap", of the glove going on, and it seemed there was always a...
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    Anyone here ever own a Dodge Daytona?

    A friend of mine made rear wheel conversions. Not sure if he is still doing it or has any parts left. He started with a small block and lastly a 5.7. I may do it to my LeBanon coupe one day. Look at his website, exlineautomotive.
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    Plymouth Snapper

    Before... That's exactly where I went. Too early? Was looking for different picture.
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    Screenshot of the Day

    The picture of the guy wanting to leave early, reminded me of when I was a supervisor. Received a call off from Justin. He had "anal glaucoma, he couldn't see his *** coming to work that day."
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    Google chrome on my ipad. Still getting FCBO and m body's. Nothing else has changed. Thanks
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    I know Joey announced all were changing servers. FCBO is coming up ok. The others aren't. Even tried retyping address and search. Keep getting MSG: IP address can not be found. Anyone else having problems?
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    Minor miracle

    Grand-pap would have the lawn mower continually running(when they would without having to hold a damn lever), call us over, asked if we would help him with something. Then lay his hand on our shoulder and touch the spark plug with the other. Talk about piss yourself. But he was a great teacher...
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    You tube and the downfall of man

    No problem. We had sticker that went on the boom nose and jib that said " Care must be taken when erecting and stowing the jib." I took one along home and you know where I stuck it one evening. She failed to see the humor. Ha!
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    You tube and the downfall of man

    I retired from a large crane manufacturer as a Test Track Supervisor. I've seen many a "Stupid" engineering calamity. The best was in a meeting they asked for suggestions. I asked the engineers present if the worked on their own cars, changing oil, plugs maybe a starter. No, we take it to the...
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    Question to the older guys

    Wasn't implying having problems. Just happened to come across these and posed the question. And yes I agree talking to a doctor would be best.
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    Question to the older guys

    Question to older guys with some malfunctioning; Have any of you seen or used "the elator, the erector, or stayshard?" If so,what are your/partners thoughts or experience. For those who think this is a joke, look them up.