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    SOLD 2 3781821 Fan shrouds

    I have (2) 3781821 shrouds. For BB cars '71-'76(?). The shrouds are the same, it's just the angle of the pictures. Both are in great condition. Asking $80 each plus shipping from 15534.
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    SOLD Dual Snorkle air cleaner

    Not sure what year. Great shape. Could use a little more cleanup and repaint. $195 shipped.
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    For Sale Owners Manuals

    "68 Polara/Monaco; '70 Fury. $40 each shipped.
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    For Sale Air cleaners

    Found in trunk of junked car. One is a dual snorkel the other is chrome. I cleaned the chrome up to see what it would look like. Tried to show measurements. If other pictures are needed, ask. Asking $185 plus shipping for dual, and $220 plus shipping for Chrome. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale BB exhaust manifolds

    Right is; 2808900(5-1-69).Left is;2843992-1(I can make out a 5, but not much of anything else. Not even visible in photo). Dusted soap stone across numbers to read. Both off '69 R/R 383, 4spd. No cracks that I can see. Heat riser moves. Was going to use them on a '62 Newport project, but not...
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    For Sale Washer bottles

    Three washer bottles at this time. No cracks. All have the motor/pump still attached. Don't know it they work. All need cleaned, they have either over spray, rusty marks or undercoating/rust preventative sprayed on them. First picture; 3431154; second 3799171; third 3799128. $90 each plus shipping.