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    For Sale "70 Fury

    Dash, dash parts, bag of parts, turn signals and wiring harness ---SOLD. Thanks FCBO
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    For Sale Taillight lens etc. for sale

    Cleaning house. Have various lens up for grabs. '67/68 Dodge(?), '65 Full size (Polara, Monaco), Volare wagon lens and housings, LF marker for a '71 Fury, Tail lites for same (one has backup lens cracked), three Chrysler wagon lights, '67/'68(?) Plymouth Fury, Cordoba (one has center medallion...
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    For Sale "70 Fury

    These are parts left from dad's 70 Sport Fury. Rear bumper insert, excellent condition, just needs black repaint. All studs are there, not bent. Asking $75. Radio, (was working, not tested recently) $30. Black dash surround, had a crack and fixed, $40. Heater control $30. Under dash wiring...
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    For Sale "73 Fury

    Instrument panel and steering wheel center. Instrument panel is in nice condition not broken or beat up. Asking $55 plus shipping. Steering wheel center is nice. Has mark/stain(?) on one end. I'm not messing with it, let new owner use whatever cleaner he wants on it. Asking $25 plus shipping...
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    For Sale '65/'66 Fury fender skirts

    Surface rust paint bubbling. Not beat up or bent. $55 plus shipping from 15534.
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    SOLD Fan Shrouds for sale

    I'm not sure. We had several '69-73 Chryslers, a '68 Polara along with '68-72 Fury's. I had them tagged at one time but over the years and others moving things around the tags have been lost. That's the best answer I have.
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    SOLD Fan Shrouds for sale

    I have 2 shrouds for C-bodies; 3673818 and a 3443522. Asking $85 each plus shipping and insurance. Don't have pay pal, take money orders. When I receive the M.O., I ship and send you the tracking number. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale '71 New Yorker grille.

    Grille cleaned up pretty good for sitting in a field for 40 odd years. The argent paint came off and would need repainted if you wanted. Several marks, outlined in pictures. On each side I believe some of the marks are from the headlight bezels. Some pitting on back side. Could use some black...
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    For Sale '68 Fury/ Chrysler Tail lights/Cordoba/Charger

    68 Fury tail light housings and lens complete. Lens are scratched, chrome is pitted and peeling $45 pair shipped. Chrysler tail light lens. Can't remember year. One has all the tabs, other two are missing a few. $40 all three shipped. Cordoba/Charger head light ring(3781090). Excellent shape...
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    For Sale '61 Plymouth

    Left over parts include. Chrome strip on dash $25 shipped, speedo housing( wires cut), fuel/temp housing, fan/defrost housing, rear view mirror, ash tray, defrost vents(not broken and still have end tabs), NOS taillight housing(2094 359), 2 lens(have the bosses messed up(useable?), center grille...
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    For Sale '65 Dodge Custom 880.

    All these parts came from Dad's '65 880 4dr. The car was never garaged. Chrome is pitted some(shown in pictures) and hazed. I was able with some work remove some flaking for showing. The t-lite housing are worse, but are intact(not broken), and would be good for spares for re-chroming. If you...
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    For Sale ' 65 Fury skirts.

    Pair of skirts for a '65 Fury. Some paint missing from edges and surface rust. Should clean up good. $80 shipped.
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    For Sale '68 Dodge Polara

    New price. $90 for the pair(all 4 pcs.) shipped.
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    For Sale '66 Polara "500"

    Set of nice hubcaps, came off buddy's "500" hardtop. Same as on our '65 "880" only difference, these have white centers where the "880" are red(will be posting them later). They have some scratches(may polish out?), one has several small dings, and one does not have the black stripe. $80 plus...
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    For Sale '68 Dodge Polara

    Excellent set of taillights. Cleaned up and polished nice. A few marks from the housing covers. I have the complete housings and center piece for on the trunk if some one is interested. The chrome is pitted but would make a good candidate for re-chroming. If interested in these pieces PM me your...