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    NOT MINE 67 Polara police car at Barrett

    I thought that would have a K in the vin for police or am I mistaken? Also appears the firewall was painted over and wouldn't that have the fleet/police heavy duty alternator and non stainless trim on brake and gas pedal or am I off base.
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    For Sale 66 Fury I Wagon For Sale

    Do you have complete interior pic's? Especially headliner and rear cargo area. thx.
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    What about this moulding ??

    Would love to purchase them if you no longer need them. Thanks.
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    Exner era poll

    I like the Bar Harbour 24' cruiser roof design Exner designed. There were apparently only 7 built. Possibly only one of them exists today. But that one would look great being pulled by a 1960 300F Convertible. Oh if I only had the funds.:sFl_america2:
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    I am torn here, a VERY tough decision to make about my 2 C bodies.

    Tough call, but I would do what I could to keep them both. Those are some really nice looking C-Bodies you have. I see the issue you have with the Fury, My Fury is family sentimental as well. I will always feel the need to keep it in top shape and care for it for as long as I can. Good luck with...
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    Damn funny Craigslist ad!

    That IS a funny ad. Thanks for posting it.
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    Does anyone "repop" these parts for 66 Furys?

    Yes it will leak out from 3/4 to full. Won't do it at around 1/2 tank. I guess I could just fill it half full all the time but wouldn't think I should have to. I will try the new tank listed for the 67 and see if that will correct it. Thanks guy's. :yourock:
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    Exner era poll

    I think those are some of the best years of Chrysler Corporation exterior styling and tri-tone body and interior colors ever designed. I even like the Boat designs Mr. Exner was designing later on in around 64-66 for Buehler Boat Co. Some pretty futuristic ideas came from that man. :yaayy:
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    Does anyone "repop" these parts for 66 Furys?

    It happens when the car just sits in the garage, Yes it's sometimes hot outside, but it seems to leak no matter the temp when parked. It leaks between the filler neck top to cap. I did put on a new non vented cap, (Cap even say's non vented on it) but still see drips down the neck onto the...
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    Talk about a diamond in the rough!

    I have never ever seen one before
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    Does anyone "repop" these parts for 66 Furys?

    Thank you, I'll check that out.
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    Does anyone "repop" these parts for 66 Furys?

    Thanks Stan, I wonder if there was a 2 vent tank. If so, I wonder if that would stop the problem I am having of leaking fuel out of my new cap from pressure in the tank? Am I the only one having this problem?:BangHead:
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    Demo derby cars *chrysler New Yorkers * - $1 (Tennessee )

    I'm ready to help. I'll join.
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    Does anyone "repop" these parts for 66 Furys?

    Thanks for the tip. If that's all it is I'll have to compare a 67 Plymouth tank up-close to mine. I understand there was a vented and non vented tank available. I was thinking that the vented tank would stop my problem of the fuel from coming out of the rear filler neck even with a new cap on...
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    Does anyone "repop" these parts for 66 Furys?

    I have the same problem of not being able to get a 66 Fury tank. They all stop at 65 C body and start up again for post 67. Have no idea why the 66 fury is missing from lists I have encountered other than the side to rear fill neck differences. Hmmmm,:Groaner:
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    Off his nut or?

    Sure like that snazzy orange indoor/outdoor carpet in the 68 coronet. That should help raise the price.
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    1966 Barracuda

    I always liked these early Barracudas, Yeah I'm partial because we used to own one. Complete with a racing stripe down the roof, hood and deck.
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    What size are you?

    Make mine Denver Tent & Awning size....... XL.
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    Looks like the C body Dry Dock is in Dry Dock......

    I find it hard to believe that kids are buying C-Bodies? Is that under 50 years old or 60? lol.......