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    69 300 Convertible

    So today I have resurrected my 69 300 convertible. I've owned this car since June of 93. Parked it summer of 2000 and haven't messed with it much since. Before I parked her I had the 440 rebuilt. I think it's time to fully resurrect this beast. I actually drove her around the block a d she...
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    69 300 convertible Need a windshield and dashpad

    When I put my car in storage the dash pad was nearly perfect. 20 years and relatively dry climate have wreaked havoc on my entire interior. The drivers side has now split so it may be fixable.
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    69 300 convertible Need a windshield and dashpad

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site but so thankful I stumbled across it as it's inspired me to make my land yacht 69 300 convertible sea worthy again after 20 years of storage. Does anyone know of any sources where I can find a windshield and upper dashpad? Thanks in advance.
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    1969 300 Convertible Resurrection

    I also own a 69 300 convertible. I had my original motor rebuilt as it's just my personal preference to keep the car fairly original and cut costs. I did replace the original carburetor with a Edelbrock in place of the Carter only because I wanted an electric choke though I still have the...
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    Welcome Jason A to FCBO!

    I still own my first car a 1969 Chrysler 300 convertible that has been in my possession since June of 1993. Location: California