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    One project leads to another ?

    Well that is concerning, where could I get those seals ?
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    One project leads to another ?

    Hello everyone, I was checking out replacing the transmission lines on my 65 Newport the other day. While under there I noticed a rubber boot on the torsion bar had separated from its place. Its right where the bar goes into the mount. Figure I'll clean out the grease put fresh in best I...
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    WANTED 1960 Plymouth hunt

    Starting a search for a 1960 Plymouth, Suburban, 4dr hardtop, or even a post sedan. Projects preferred. Anyone ? Tim
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    Power steering pump rebuild 65 Chrysler

    Awesome, I will let him know. Meanwhile a 2nd kit is in the mail. Oh well, I'll stash it away...I'm selective who works on the car but yes, he's not real familiar with it. The car is older than him !! But he's a decent guy and a good mechanic who I trust. Thanks again
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    Power steering pump rebuild 65 Chrysler

    Great info, thanks. Mechanic is a buddy trying to help me out, not often he works on 65 Newports....Will pass on the info. I knew cbodies would help. Thanks Tim
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    Power steering pump rebuild 65 Chrysler

    Hello everyone, I want to rebuild have the power steering pump in my 65 Newport. Got a kit, but mechanic said its just seals, no bearing. I looked and have reordered another kit usung "complete" rebuild kit but nothing showing the bearing. So..whats the deal, does a rebuild just consist of...
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    65 Chrysler detail questions

    Thanks for the input. I'm leaning toward natural too. Think I'll call the guys and tell them no paint. Carpets I'll look into for sure, what I have is presentable but not correct. This car was a real rescue mission....the vutures were circling ,mostly after the went from parts...
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    65 Chrysler detail questions

    Hello everyone, I have a 65 Newport that is a driving car, but long term a detailed restoration. I just sent out the steering box for rebuild and not sure it was painted originally, no signs of paint on it. Rebuild shop said they'd paint it black. Anyone know if it had paint new ? Carpet...
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    COLD light not working

    Thanks for all the info everyone ! I knew I'd get an answer, glad I joined the club. My car was left for dead under trees for 25 plus years, survived it all and motor hunters too. It's come a long way and deserves this fix !
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    COLD light not working

    Thanks Jeff, I've been thinking the cluster may be the trouble. I had the entire dash out of this car, it was in really rough shape. I have a NOS circuit board, but it's a nightmare to get cluster out. But I'll do it. Yes I'm in Lee. The Kentucky Fried bldg is still here but it's a...
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    COLD light not working

    Hello everyone, Laugh if you want, but the COLD light in my 65 Newport is one of my favorite things about the car. It was working fine but then became intermittent and now its just not working at all. Sending unit has been replaced, bulb/socket is good and I even cleaned the contacts where...
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    For Sale 65 Chrysler 2 door good used quarter panel DRIVERS side

    I have a good used driver side quarter for a 65 Chrysler 2 door hardtop. Complete panel removed from car, has full wheelhouse, door/ trunk jamb and rear drop down. Panel is off a Nevada car. Looking to pass it onto someone who really needs it. Located in Lee, MA and offering it at $ 450...
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    Defogger switch location on 300L

    I have a 65 Newport. The hole by the map light is for the rear speaker fader. The painted metal panel that screws into the dash (below the column) is where the defog switch was, to the left. Chrome bezel saying DEFOG and switch. Sounds like a nicely optioned car ! Tim
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    NOT MINE Wanna see some yard C's ??

    You captured a 60 Plymouth Suburban in the pics of the 2 door mid 70s Dart. Where is this yard ? I've been keeping an eye out for one regardless of condition. Would you let me know ? Much appreciated !
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    Correct trunk mat search 65 Chrysler

    Hello everyone. I have a 65 Newport that I'm planning to restore to high detail. The trunk mat has proven to be a tough one. This is my 2nd 65, over the years I've seen plenty of parts cars and only found remants of the original mat. Best I can tell it was rubber with a carpeted look to it...
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    Tilt Column question

    Thank you both for cluing me in....not sure how to proceed. Glad I snagged it though, I know it's kind of rare for a 65, a lucky junkyard find. tim
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    Tilt Column question

    Hi everyone, I have a tilt column for a 65 Chrysler. I want ot service the tilt mechanism and do a thorough clean up before installing in my car. The tilt works but is stiff, clearly needs lubrication I can't get the metal cover off the top of column (where the lever and turnsignal arm goes...
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    For Sale DRIVER SIDE QUARTER PANEL 65 Chrysler 2 door hrdtp

    Driver side quarter panel available. This ad was posted April 7, I cannot find anyway to edit a posted ad.... kind of here we go This is a full quarter, complete wheelhouse, doorjamb, portion of trunk floor with rear drop down. Decided against replacing quarter on my car and...
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    For Sale Quarter Panel 1965 Chrysler2 door hardtop

    Full wheelhouse, door jamb, rear dropdown with tailight bucket. From a Nevada car. Inside storage since I purchased it. Decided against replacing quaarter on my car. Located in western MA. Buyer will have to pick up or make arrangemnts. Asking 800. Reply if you have questions...
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    Quarter panel avaiable

    Hello everyone, Tim here, A new member. I have a quarter panel for a 2 door 65 Chrysler, driver side. Off car, full wheelhouse, drop down, from a Nevada car. Stored inside. I'm in western MA. Buyer will need to pick up ! A relative bargain at 750.