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  1. 67-Fury

    To Be or NOT

    Full sized 4 speed convertible is just to unusual and rare to scrap i feel. I think I have only seen 2 other examples of a car like this.
  2. 67-Fury

    My Unicorn, eh?

    That thing is clean!. I dont even want to know how much that cost you lol.
  3. 67-Fury

    Batavia Downs ‘73 Newport

    I vote no side trim. I like the long, bare surface area. That car is just massive. Even the steelies look good to me. Just my opinion though.
  4. 67-Fury

    Batavia Downs ‘73 Newport

    That looks damn good to me. You do good work.
  5. 67-Fury

    FK5 Dodge resurrection

    Oh no. Why not put most of it together and try selling it as a project car? This was supposed to be it's 2nd chance at life.
  6. 67-Fury

    Photos of 3 girls Ive HAD in so many months...

    Watch out for your Corn hole, Bud.
  7. 67-Fury

    Working on my 71 300

    Gorgeous car you have there, Sir. Saving the original paint is a Very wise choice.
  8. 67-Fury

    Convertible Fury - 1970

    What year is that?
  9. 67-Fury

    I'm Back. Did you miss me?

    What a Gorgeous Deep green. Beautiful Formal.
  10. 67-Fury

    1971 Sport Fury GT EV2

    That guy is going to spend the rest of his years with a Beautiful car. Lucky SOB.
  11. 67-Fury

    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

    Awesome car. Can i get a pic of your other Fury? That car looks so dam good with those Cragars on it.
  12. 67-Fury

    1968 plymouth fury III PX23G8D243539 project

    Teen Gfs is my favorite.
  13. 67-Fury

    1967 Plymouth Fury 3 Hardtop

    Shes beautiful.
  14. 67-Fury

    1968 plymouth fury III PX23G8D243539 project

    Vinyl tops are not the work of the Devil. And i will be dammed if i am going to sit here and let you Besmirch them.
  15. 67-Fury

    1967 Newport project on Air

    Keep the updates Coming, Brother.
  16. 67-Fury

    Yearlong E body project

    I got to get a Ebody someday.
  17. 67-Fury

    1967 Newport project on Air

    Without chopping, Model Ts and As just look Retarded. But Chopping a C or any post 55 car is just beyond wrong IMO.
  18. 67-Fury

    1967 Newport project on Air

    Furyus 67 will be all over this.