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    1957 New Yorker added to the collection!

    congratulations on your purchase. IMHO the 57 New Yorker is the nicest styled Forwardlook Chrysler. I like it more than the letter cars cosmetically Carsten
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    Crime Story TV show 1988 61 Fury conv

    the cops all drove Mopars. Farina had a Chrysler 300 CV, the 61 Plymouth vert was driven by the youngest cop and there was a 59Desoto driven by the black cop. All of them are used and driven often
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    58 Imperial 2dr Europe

    so it had this colour combo from the factory? This one is driving around in sweden
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    58 Imperial 2dr Europe

    colour combo looks nice on your 58 Regal Lancer. But it isn't factory IIRC. it always had bronze involved (with white or black) The 58 Imperial looks nice. But I am pretty sure it will stay in Europe. Even though it might be difficult to sell it in Italy. Most serious people for Forwardlookers...
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    Various cars for sale - Not mine (I wish)

    the black Imperial as well as the 58 Dodge 2dr HT are sold already
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    Various cars for sale - Not mine (I wish)

    sure the slabs have a better quality, are reliable and have way less weak areas than Forwardlook cars. But the value of a car does not just come from its qualities alone but popularity. As a result some of those forwardlook cars bring way different prices as solid project cars than other models...
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    Various cars for sale - Not mine (I wish)

    John Fowlie is a great guy and major support to the Forwardlook community. These are projects cars. The parts cars sit in the back of the yard. 400$ for a 57-61 Forwardlooker 2dr HT with a solid body? Good joke the complete floors alone are worth around 2200$ for a 57-59 Chrysler/Desoto You...
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    Another "New" Forward Look Time Capsule Coming out of the Woodwork

    no, all Chrysler got Hemis in the 1958 model year. The 300, New Yorker and Imperials were the only ones that got the 392 but the others had, Hemis, too. Just smaller size Carsten
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    57 Desoto in Wrecking Yard

    thanks. That is a 58 DeSoto Firesweep
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    Nice 1958 Desoto Fireflite Coupe for Sale in Hemmings

    the 57&58 Chrysler&Desotos are great looking cars (real Desotos, not the Firesweeps with the Dodge Front end).
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    Take your classic cars if you have to evacuate

    I am in the lucky situation living in a country/area where there is no major danger from nature. No earthquakes, no wildfires, no flooding, no tornados, no blizzards. You never know what happens but the above risks are small. Despite that: Of course I would take my classic cars. Actually my...
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    They Don't Get Much Better Than This 1957 Sport Fury - Original Survivor!

    it was in Carlisle, too in the for sale corral. Still with matching dust. I forgot what they were asking but it was a lot
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    Latest barn find

    no, please not another Christine-clown. As bad as a General Lee replica
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    It is the story about gaps in collections and rarity of cars in existance in top condition. It is easier to find a letter car vert in perfect condition than the other models
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    cars belonged to the Tom Gerard collection and were restored to very high levels. Mecum bought them off him and sold them on auction on their own risk. They NY CV went to Mike McCandless (currently building an excellent Forwardlook collection) and the rest to Stallupi (who just sold a part of...
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    '60 Imp for sale in PA

    true. But I think it is only valid for the really rare stuff as well as the perfectly restored or top notch survivors. Not the 4-doors projects or most average models in "driver" condition
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    '60 Imp for sale in PA

    do you think thee demand for Forwardlookers is falling in general or just for projects?
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    Feeling a bit sick... I wasn't even drinking, but I'm gonna start...

    good luck with the resto. I feel Forwardlookers are the toughest cars to redo compared to Fuselages or B-Bodies. It has the small back window so it is probably a Firedome? I would like to buy a 58 Adventurer or Fireflite as a 2dr HT but they are hard find in any condition Carsten