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  1. Mr onetwo

    WANTED Imperial 2 Door Back Seat

    Good morning all, I am looking for a back seat to match the front buckets I just found.In going thru the trim books it appears that these style seats were an option on the 1970 (first photo), 1972 and 1973 (2nd photo) Imperial 2-door coupes and of course they were in the Chrysler 300H...
  2. Mr onetwo

    WANTED Manual Steering Box for 1970 Fury

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a good large sector manual steering box to fit my 1970 Plymouth Fury.Would like a good one that doesn't need rebuilding.It's for a top secret project.:steering:I will pay shipping to 04915 in Maine.I have Paypal. The Lares 690 reman is unavailable anywhere. Many...
  3. Mr onetwo

    Found 1970 Fury III convertible Manual Mirrors

    I am looking for a set of driver quality L & R mirrors for my 1970 convertible.I know there a couple of NOS left side ones for sale but I am not paying those prices. From research done here the part numbers are 2935 337 and 2935 338. Let me know if you have any that you can part with.Thanks
  4. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1970 Fury III Offset Leaf Spring Shackles

    I know these are impossible to find, but I thought I would try before replacing my leaf springs.Would be shipped to 04915 in Maine.I have PayPal.Anybody???
  5. Mr onetwo

    SOLD Mopar Performance P4876335 or P4532059 intake

    I am looking for a Mopar Performance P4876335 4bbl small block dual plane aluminum intake manifold for a friend who is building a 1969 Dart GT. A number P4532059 is an earlier version from what I can find.Don't want cast iron,Eldelbrock or other...just these particular manifolds.Will pay...
  6. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1970 Fury AM/FM Radio 2884 748

    Still looking......Reposting as old ad was locked. Anybody have one of these radios for a reasonable price? Does not have to operate...Condition of face is most important...thanks, Mark
  7. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1970 Fury AM/FM Radio 2884 748

    Anybody have one of these radios for a reasonable price?Condition of face is most important...thanks, Mark
  8. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 8.25 Chrysler C-body Differential

    I am looking for an axle housing in good shape to fit my 1970 Fury. As near Maine as possible.Brakes not needed ,but would consider a sure grip.I already have 3.21 gears.Thanks
  9. Mr onetwo

    SOLD Small Block Mopar SP2P Manifold

    I am looking for an Edelbrock SP2P 318 manifold....anybody got one kicking around?
  10. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1970 Fury III Side Molding Ect.

    Looking for more stuff to clean up my 1970 convertible. Looking for a nice set of front turn signal lenses preferably with gaskets. Also the body side moldings and wheel opening trims that are no longer on my car. Also the "III" fender emblems...I have the script "FURY" emblems. Many thanks.
  11. Mr onetwo

    SOLD 1970 Fury III Tail Light Lenses

    I am looking for a decent un-cracked set of these.I know they are super hard to find...gottah start somewhere.
  12. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1970 Fury III Driver Side Convertible Top Latch

    Looking for 1 of these latches.Driver side 69 or 70.....nothing like the readily available 65-68 latches
  13. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 71-73 Disc Brake Spindles, Ect.

    I am looking for a pair of spindles, dust shields and caliper brackets to do the disc conversion on my 1970 manual drum brake Fury III. Don't really need or want the rotors and calipers as they are so heavy to ship although I am open to talking about a whole package if the price is right. PM...I...
  14. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1970 Fury III Tail Light Lense

    Does anybody happen to one of these they would sell me?
  15. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 1958 to 1961 Torqueflite Big Block Bellhousing

    I am scrounging up some parts so I can build a test/break-in stand for my 440.I am looking for a junk flywheel cheap from a big block- internally balanced or 318.Also these old style aluminum bellhousings would be ideal for safety and to make a rear mount.Anyone got one of these old things...
  16. Mr onetwo

    SOLD thumbwheel radio

    Hey guys, I am in pursuit of a thumbwheel radio in good cosmetic condition.Doesn't have to work ,just look good and be cheap.I am going to have it modernized and then it's going in my 1978 Ramcharger.Thanks, Mark
  17. Mr onetwo

    WANTED 8 3/4" 742 case Gears 3.55

    Hey guys, I am looking for a good ring and pinion set to fit an 8 3/4" 742 case diff.Found the axles for $25 ea in Ohio.My phone number is 207-974-7450 in Maine.Thanks, Mark
  18. Mr onetwo

    WANTED Seeking 1967 only Dodge Dart Stainless Steel Wheel Well Lip Moldings

    I know these aren't C-body but I thought I would post here anyway.I am looking for a full set of stainless steel wheel well lip moldings from a '67 only Dodge Dart in VG to perfect condition.No dents or twists please.Let me know...thanks FCBO!
  19. Mr onetwo

    WANTED Direct Connection/Edelbrock CH2B intake

    Title is wrong...s/b CH4B. Does anyone have one of these intakes kicking around?The EDELBROCK P/N is CH4B AND THE MOPAR P/N is 2836150. I just bought a 1978 Ramcharger with a 440 and want to wake it up a bit.Give me a call if you have one at 207-974-7450. Thanks, Mark
  20. Mr onetwo

    WANTED Ignition Wire Isulators

    Does anyone have some of these doohickeys that they can spare?...I think I need 4 or 5 of them.Let me know...thanks!