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    Let's talk fuselage body shells

    ??????????? do you want to duplicate the body made in gold? You probably have searched for the wrong bodyshops. Stay away from the big glossy ones. Look for a smaller dirty business run by some polish guys or from turkey. And don't look so rich be more sloppy like a guy with empty pockets...
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    Plymouth Fury '69-'71 2-door repro Lower Quarter Panels

    repros are all bad. You need an excellent local body guy. I got several of those in Germany how can just built a panel as needed. I am sure there will be some in Belgium, too Carsten
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    Careless people.....

    I usually have no problem with my car at the grocery store. Looking at the cosmetics all other drivers want to park with a big distance to me
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    Original paint color versus color change on fuselage cars

    changing colour hurts the value on a rare popular car. Like a SFGT in example. In case of a Newport you should just do what you want. They are less collectible and on the mod side many guys like black (for what reason ever) Carsten
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    started my body work

    hmhmhmhmhmhmhm Most important you have fun But bondo is no rust repair Carsten
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    Two tone Chryslers-do they exist?

    Hi Matt, as you wrote the 68 tags are very different. And you need the VIN, too to have a compilation that makes sense. There are the same specific things (ie how a plant stamped on a tag for inspection or how the font looks a like) It is easy to decode the main things from a 68 tag (engine...
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    Two tone Chryslers-do they exist?

    good question. Some points: You need to have a lot of pics and know your codes to find reproduction tags. Those are often faked on genuine muscle cars. So you need to learn about specific details, ie what did a certain plant print on it in a certain model year or time of the year. The more...
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    Two tone Chryslers-do they exist?

    unfortunatly not. I photograph 69-70 B.Body tags but usually only "read" the 69-71 Fuselage tags when I have the chance to see one Carsten
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    Two tone Chryslers-do they exist?

    here it is. Car has been repainted, gold tone is a little bit of. It is a U-code car, too (even though it doesn't matter in this thread)
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    Two tone Chryslers-do they exist?

    I know of a 1970 New Yorker V02 car. EW1 body with FY4 roof. Carsten
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    1971 Chrysler 300 with rust problem

    save the black 70 ! Carsten
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    1971 Chrysler 300 with rust problem

    Good luck. I am sure you can handle it. I am looking forward to see it next year in Västeras Carsten
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    How Accurate are Paint Gauges?

    let us know when it has to go, Ross. I am absolutly not into Slabs but I could offer it for sale on a german board if you need help. I can also forward you some european homepages for advertising Carsten
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    This One Might Be Too Far Gone

    or replace the body including rails piece by piece till 95% of the car are replaced. Then claim it is not a rebody. Oh boy.:rant:
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    This One Might Be Too Far Gone

    easy project to fix (if it would be a 69 Daytona :-)))))))
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    Removed Vinyl to replace, but now I don't know...

    It is not my cup of tea with the paintet roof but that doesn't matter. If you like it: Just leave it that way. Enjoy your nice automobile !
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    1969 Fury Convertible

    I agree 100%
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    1969 Fury Convertible

    you don't get it, don't you?
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    1969 Fury Convertible

    you don't need to pull it out of a running C-body. There is lots of used engines out there. From cars that have been destroyed already. Watch you sources !