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    1973 Fury clay model

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    Chrysler hearse

    This one is living in Luxemburg. Found the pic on the net and just wanted to share as it is uncommon in the US
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    Fury Frankenstein

    as we just discussed my car I ran across this picture. Somone installed a 71 Sport Fury grill on a 70 Fury III It also has the 71 hood and GT stripes Dave ever thought about buying a toasty 70 Polara and installing 71 bumpers/dash?
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    1970 Plymouth Fury III and Chryserl Newport matchbox

    here are some pics from matchboxes Those pics haven't been used in the brochure AFAIK and an ad from a dealer
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    that is his name. Most people who know me wouldn't believe I am responsible for what has been done. Carsten
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    1971 Plymouth Sport Fury

    the 1971 Sport Fury in EV2 orange gets slowly ready for the road. It is supposed to be driven by my girlfriend. It was parked since 1989 in a barn. It made its first 25 Mile trip last week without breaking down which was more than we expected. We had to put in a lot of work and money to get it...
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    fuselage cars in unusual places

    these pics of a 1969 Sport Fury have been taken in 1971 in eastern germany. It was in a town called Rostock. A very unusual place for a C-Body in those days. The guys in the first pic are soldiers who just came home from duty. Thanks to my buddy Dan for finding those pics
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    My new (summer) daily

    is on the road now Carsten
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    Optioncode A71 in 1970 model year: "Polara special Package"

    Hi, does anyone know what the above named package did include? I have details for a 1970 Charger (option A73) but do not know what was included on the Polara. The option is not to be found in the salesman pocket guide which means and indicates it was a spring option to help increase sales. Carsten