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  1. furious70

    WANTED RB shortblock or longblock

    Looking for a ready to go shortblock or longblock, RB based 440-540". Pretty flexible but looking for a street friendly engine so nothing too radical. Solid or roller cam is fine just not a monster one.
  2. furious70

    WANTED 383 or 400 shortblock

    Looking for a 383 or 400 shortblock. Maybe you're upgrading and I can help finance that by buying off your shortblock. Only looking for verified running and good condition via compression/leakdown tests, video of running, etc. Realistically within a few hours driving of Chicago or Eastern Iowa...
  3. furious70

    WANTED Omni or Mirada buckets

    Omni or Mirada buckets, good frames and mechanisms, will be recovering. Near Chicago or Eastern Iowa.
  4. furious70

    WANTED 70 Fury 2 door rocker panel moldings

    just what it says