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  1. furious70

    Welcome, Blusmbl

    Hmmm, I guess I need to take a photo with @Xenon 's green Imp then... For those not quite following, my dad bought blu's charger and I inherited it
  2. furious70

    Welcome, Blusmbl

    Yup, it's still that same engine.... For now. :)
  3. furious70

    Welcome, Blusmbl

    Hey, glad to see you over here!
  4. furious70

    Welcome moparblake to FCBO!

    Hasn't been on the board for 2 years, hopefully out enjoying the car!
  5. furious70

    Welcome TomChicago to FCBO!

    Welcome from western burbs!
  6. furious70

    Welcome hp383 to FCBO!

    Seen you in moparts for years, welcome!
  7. furious70


    Welcome to over here, good to see you!
  8. furious70

    Hello, From Woodruff Carburetor Specialties

    Pump e85 can vary from e50 to e85 as I understand, different than buying at the track. How do you tune a street car for e85?
  9. furious70

    Rescued this from the junkyard

    69, green, wrong roofline, 3 strikes, but looks like you still made out :thumbsup:
  10. furious70

    Welcome TONYPRO to FCBO!

    Hey there you are!
  11. furious70

    Welcome furious70 to FCBO!
  12. furious70

    Welcome SGVert to FCBO!

    Few of us in the nw burbs, I'm in Hanover Park and have known Mr SGVert for a long time at this point!
  13. furious70

    Welcome AF. to FCBO!

    My car is back out here, you should come see it. Safer over here in Dupage county :P
  14. furious70

    Welcome Unix to FCBO!

    well, you've got good tastes in operating systems as well!
  15. furious70

    Welcome furious70 to FCBO!

    Interesting. There's been days I wish I had just left it that way, mine ran good and got great mpg.
  16. furious70

    Welcome furious70 to FCBO!

    Mpg.... Ironically I drove the car over the road far more before od than after. I don't get any better mpg really, the deep gear in the back and deep gear set in the trans is too much fun. I could get 20mpg with the original 383 2bbl and 2.73's, haven't come close with any other combo
  17. furious70

    Welcome furious70 to FCBO!

    I use a classic FAST EFI, it's been running with it since 2009. It's an old box, but it does everything you'd ever need. Turbocharged since 2012. Only running 5psi on a stock engine to learn it. I've got young kids so I didn't have time to do it twice if i blew it up. The a500 has been in...
  18. furious70

    Welcome furious70 to FCBO!

    Waiting at the dock! I was the original registrar of that domain, partial to it...