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  1. Mr onetwo

    Robertshaw 370-180 Availability

    Hey guys, I just found a bunch of NOS all brass actual Robertshaw 370-180 tstats on Ebay for $21.99. These are supposed to be really good. Going to put this and a Gates 43026P pump on...should run nice and cool.
  2. Mr onetwo

    EPR Valve Test Procedures

    I found this on the interwebs today...thought it might help anyone who is having trouble with the stock (superior) R12 system in their c-body.
  3. Mr onetwo

    A/C in a convertible?

    Hello to all, I am looking for opinions and actual real world experience in regard to my question.My 1970 Fury is equipped with manual air con and all the parts are still on the car.However, it has not operated in at least 25 years and maybe more.Keeping in mind I live in coastal Maine...would...
  4. Mr onetwo

    Putting Fan Clutch on a Non A/C Car?

    I will be getting my repaired and cleaned radiator back this afternoon. I have been gathering parts to put the cooling system back together. I am installing a Hayden 687 plate type trans cooler to take a little load off the rad. I also want to add a fan clutch. The parts manuals list the pulley...
  5. Mr onetwo

    22" Radiator dimensions

    I thought I would post this measured drawing of the 22" standard cooling #2898058 that is in my '68 non A/C Newport. It may help someone figure out if a replacement or aftermarket rad will fit their car or not.