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    For Sale 1962 Chryslers

    More photos. Cars are located at 15534
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    For Sale 1962 Chryslers

    2-1962 Chryslers; 1-Newport(black), 361AT, pwr windows, no air. A few dents no body rust out. 1-"300" sport, 383 factory straight stick (have push button delete panel), rusty but great parts car. Have the grille and most trim for the 300. Neither car runs. Will not separate. Lost storage for the...
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    For Sale Wanted - 70 Fury GT

    The car is long gone, but dad's S23,was white,bronze interior, bench seat, and S23 side stripes. I still have the dash, cracked, but all instruments. The center "Plymouth" piece on rear. Hubcaps and several other pieces.
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    For Sale NOT MINE 73 FURY

    The LeBaron;
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    For Sale NOT MINE 73 FURY

    Ok, as traintech55 requested. Better late than never. I took pictures of the Fury as best I could, from where it is stored. It's hard to get some good pictures. I was wrong about how long it's been in storage. The inspection sticker shows last inspection '80/'81. I forgot it needs a left front...
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    For Sale NOT MINE 73 FURY

    I have a 2 dr, same colors with a beige roof sitting in a garage. Hasn't been out or licensed since '76. Around 85/86 thousand. Needs a grille and radiator, and dent removed from left rear quarter. Anyone interested? Also a '78/79 LeBaron coupe, all red no vinyl top, white interior, /6, factory...
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    For Sale Auburn Rubber 1957 Plymouth Fury Toy $25

    Like Big_John I have an Auburn car. Mine is a '56 Dodge taxi. Also in my display case.
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    For Sale 'Special Order' Monaco

    Use this; Dodge Collector Cars | eBay It's still there