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  1. Dana Goetz

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 4dr Hardtop - C$16,900 - Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada

    Only the 4-door cars though. the two door cars had the US style tail lights. Canada had a Windsor, 300, New Yorker and T&C model line-up - no Saratoga so the 4-door 300 had the same content as the US Saratoga
  2. Dana Goetz

    NOT MINE Not Mine..69 300 Convertible

    Probably had some heavy quarter panel repair so the "THREE HUNDRED" letters were taken off and it was too labour intensive to align and drill the holes to put them back on.
  3. Dana Goetz

    NOT MINE 1967 Imperial Crown

    I stand corrected! I was thinking 1968. There were two greens in 1967: FF1 Haze Green Metallic and GG1 Forest Green Metallic. But that car still isn't one of them!
  4. Dana Goetz

    NOT MINE 1967 Imperial Crown

    First off, it's an Imperial, not a Chrysler Imperial. Second, if I'm not mistaken, there were 3 green exterior colours in 1968 ( FF1 Frost Green Metallic, GG1 Forest Green Metallic and TT1 Meadow Green Metallic) and that isn't one of them!