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  1. Walter Joy

    For Sale 383-400 4bbl Thermoquad Spread-bore Intake (3830949)- $75 (Southern MD)

    Selling my 4bbl Cast Iron intake manifold from a 1977 400 big block. Casting no. 3830949. Spread-bore design made for factory Carter Thermoquad. Intake will need to be cleaned up before installed. Willing to ship anywhere for extra. Will also trade for vintage big block M/T valve covers.
  2. Walter Joy

    SOLD C-Body Driver Side 440 Manifold (2843247)- $175 (Southern MD)

    Selling my C-Body driver side 440 exhaust manifold. Casting no. 2.43247 (2843247). Guy I bought it from thought it was a HP manifold, however the outlet diameter is 2.25 in and therefore is not. He also had painted it back in the late 90s and packed it away since then. I am willing to ship it...
  3. Walter Joy

    For Sale Aftermarket Carter AFB $80

    Model 9627S Will need a rebuild Willing to negotiate price and shipping Mixture Screws work without issue