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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    This sold within 48h, already picked up and gone!
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    Owner never claimed it as a real cop car. It sold within 48h of posting, it's on to a new home
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    It's in NC yes. His dad was incredibly knowledgable on forward look era stuff.
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    If someone is interested, just contact me directly and I'll give you his info.
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    It was not a real police car from what he said. His dad just liked doing it up that way. With the pricing of cars these days, I don't see how you go wrong on something like this to just cruise around in. His dad was a big forward look guy, so I was in the "other" garage :D.
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    1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today

    Was on the property looking at something else. His father has passed and he’s selling a few things. One being this pretty neat 58 Plymouth. Driver quality, but seems very solid. Has siren and all the accessories. Trim in good shape. He wanted 10k for it. Seems reasonable but maybe I’m crazy...
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    1958 300 D with fuel injection, 1 of 21

    That's per's car. Great piece and a real car. Making the old stuff work is about impossible. We're trying to do it now with 58 300D Vin 1, which was FI.
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    1957 Fireflite Fleet

    Love that wagon and the thread you had on forward look about it.
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo

    Yes it is. If you follow the museum on Facebook you can see all the updates on the car: McCandless Antique Auto
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    Article on the museum, forward look focused

    The Magnificent McCandless Collection This gives a little background on how this came about and what I'll be doing going forward. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo We hold 2-3 auctions a year. We're a premium sign auction house, the rarest and best condition stuff. We just had an auction 2 weeks ago. You can also download our app wherever you get your apps.
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo

    The car was delivered yesterday. I've been out of town and will finally get to it today. I'm hoping the weather breaks for me and I can take it for a spin.
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo

    I don't even have the car yet haha. It will get picked up on Tuesday/Wednesday. I won't be going to NO this weekend. I own a sign auction company and we have our big auction next week, all about setup right now.
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo

    Will get more pictures when it gets home. It will get picked up on Wednesday. I was there to buy signs on the automobila side and then hung around to see this. The cosmetics are pretty strong on it, but underneath is just 100% stock. Back passenger window is a bit of a pain and the partition...
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    Bought a 58 Ghia Limo

    Can’t wait to get it home!
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    Rare Chrysler 300D Once Owned by Gary Goers

    Hardtop letter cars almost never cross 100k, unless there is something incredibly unique about them, french 4 speed as example. Rare colors allow you to get the top of the market generally, but not much past that. The D, although more limited in production, just doesn't fetch the big money most...
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    The First Dodge Dart

    I've had 2 convertibles, sold both. Regret selling one of them, but just had to make room for new stuff coming in. Excellent cars
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    These Cars Seem to be Getting More Affordable - 1958 Desoto Spring Special

    I disagree. I've privately sold cars from the forward look era for serious money. However, that's for the best cars. The top of the market is incredibly strong. This car is a 37 year old restoration. If it brings anywhere near the original asking price, I'd say that's very strong.
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    Interesting Article on Value Trend of Forward Look Cars Compared to Other Cars of the Era

    The non 300’s did well there too. There was a lot of money in the room. I bought the 300C convertible. I have vin 1 from 1955, so whatever I paid for 57 vin 1 only elevated the value of the true #1 from 55. There were 3 bidders to 250k. Down to 1 at 300. The best cars will always draw a big...
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    1961 Chrysler 300G

    I love letter cars, have a G myself. I might call to see what the Vin is to get the details on the car.