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  1. Dana Goetz

    For Sale ‘61 Imperial Crown Coupe F/S - NOT MINE!!!

    Maybe he liked the look of the '59 covers. I prefer the correct ones myself. To each his own!
  2. Dana Goetz

    For Sale 1973 Chrysler Town & Country/Canadian $ NM

    Canadian cars didn't have kph speedos until 1977
  3. Dana Goetz

    For Sale NOT MINE 1973 New Yorker 4drht

    Yes Canadian dollars and the current exchange is about 25%
  4. Dana Goetz

    For Sale NOT MINE 1973 New Yorker 4drht

    1973 New Yorker in Canada 1973 Chrysler New Yorker - Beauceville
  5. Dana Goetz

    For Sale 1970 Chrysler 300 on E-bay

    It's a '70 and the raised quarter windows make me think there may be power window / electrical issues. I guess wheels and tires are cheaper than interior kits! Looks like it was originally green on green and I don't think the seats came from a C body
  6. Dana Goetz

    For Sale 1969 300 convert & Newport 2 dr

    NOT MINE Another pair of fuselage cars. May be a bit rich on the pricing as the 300 has lost engine & transmission but they're Canadian dollars (0.73 USD = 1 CD) 1969 Chrysler 300 convertible plus 1969 Chrysler Newport 2 dr. | Classic Cars | Lethbridge | Kijiji
  7. Dana Goetz

    For Sale 1973 Imperial 4dr

    I've talked to the owner, they have an appraisal from the Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada but don't really know what to ask for it. I'm sure if someone went in with a FAIR price, they'd get it. I would hate to think anyone on the forum would try to steal it by lowballing.
  8. Dana Goetz

    For Sale 1973 Imperial 4dr

    Not my car but a very nice '73 Imperial nonetheless: CLassic Chrysler Car | Arts & Collectibles | Belleville | Kijiji
  9. Dana Goetz

    For Sale 78 NYB Fenders and Misc

    How about the original battery hold-down hardware and thermal cover? Do you have those?