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    My next auction is this weekend! At least watch my walk through :D

    For those that don't know, my real life involves owning an auction house that sells pre 1970 advertising. We're hyper focused on condition and rarity. This is a silent walk through of what we're selling Friday and Saturday. If you're interested in bidding, please go to...
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    Looking for 1955 NY Newport club coupe # N5514104 5k reward

    Looking for this 2 door New Yorker special paint code car. You get 5k if you can find it for me!
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    Bought a 1 of 2 known 4 speed car today :)

    Just not the type you're expecting. It's a 81 plymouth Arrow Sunrader. From what I've searched, they made 2 of these things. Toyota has a version that was done as well. Need to make some adjustments, but this should quite the conversation piece. They cut the springs and have blocks on the back...