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  1. Dana Goetz

    For Sale - Not Mine 1975 Imperial

    I was looking at this car on Kijiji but alas, I have no room, for it. It seems to be in decent condition at a reasonable price. It is in Winnepeg (Canada). I'd post photos but they're locked by Kijiji so you have to visit the site. 1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Sedan | Classic Cars | Winnipeg...
  2. Dana Goetz

    needing guidance

    The major expense with doing an Imperial is the chrome and trim. What kind of condition are the cast parts in? Many a good C-boddy has been crushed because the chrome is badly pitted or missing (esp. grille and tail light housings) and you could buy a decent driver for bunches less than doing...
  3. Dana Goetz

    Let's see them Imps

    The '76-'78 NYB's were "value enhanced" Imperials anyway