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    For Sale Not mine 66 Plymouth Belvedere roller

    Listing for a friend who lost his dad. This was a project his dad had worked on before getting sick. Originally an auto car, his dad was going to 4 speed it. Has everything minus the engine. Comes with a complete parts car as well. Has all glass/trim according to him with a Dana 60 installed...
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    SOLD 1973 Imperial 4 Door HT No Reserve on BAT

    No Reserve: 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Four-Door Hardtop This will be sold to the highest bidder. Car has been discussed on here a few times. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer. Auction ends this Sunday!
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    For Sale 69 Imperial limo ebay Mine

    1969 Chrysler Imperial | eBay Let me know if you have any questions!
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    For Sale The infamous 69 Imperial bob hope limo 30k

    For Sale - 1969 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limo - $80000 There are a few threads about this car on here. I ended up with it over a year ago. The plan was to purchase it from the west coast, fly my Dad and 2 nephews out and make a long trip back stopping at all types of cool museums and shops...
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    For Sale Mine 73 Imperial 4dr on ebay no reserve

    114850005022 Was a purchase from the board. I'm simply out of space and trying to clear room for some stuff that's inbound. Maybe put 100 miles on it as we did very little last year. Formerly known as "Iggy" on the board. You guys likely know more about the car than I do. I had some of the...
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    For Sale 1977 Chrysler T&C Wagon not mine, any details?

    283877232896 I searched around and didn't see this posted, please link me if I missed it. A friend of mine bought this wagon and was curious if anyone had any personal connection or details on it?
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    For Sale 1960 Plymouth Belvedere Perkins Diesel Taxi

    1960 Plymouth Belvedere | eBay Now it does have just a little bit of rust..... This was part of a bigger group of cars I bought. I had to buy this to get what I really needed. Would be an insane project. I imagine someone will just rebody it, steal the driveline and have something super cool...