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    Is this an odd trim selector book for 1970 imperial

    Going through some excess stuff I have. Found it odd it's listed as confidential. The one for the non imperial line up has pages where it says "this page will be replaced before public announcement". Figured this is the place to ask. Pictures will follow below as I have to pull them off my phone
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    Any rechromed 73 Imperial bumpers for sale?

    I figure my odds are better at picking a winning lottery ticket, but wouldn't hurt to ask. Front and rear.
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    Iggy is here, looking up her skirt.

    Iggy and old red are here, but only have the black imperial at the shop for now. Both cars will get detailed next weekend, which is an extensive process here. Put the black car up on the lift to see how things were underneath. When I buy a car that is to be a chase car or a frequent driver, we...
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    1969 Monaco Dress up kit, any pictures installed?

    How does the dress up kit look once installed? Struggling to find pictures of one on a car.