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  1. Walter Joy

    1971 Polara U code Cop Car Parts Car (Not Mine)

    Saw this scrolling through Facebook this morning. Don’t know if it has been shared yet. Looks like there’s still some good parts left on it.
  2. Walter Joy

    Happy 50th Birthday Delmae!

    With an SPD date of 4-13, my 1971 Polara “Delmae” celebrates her 50th birthday today!
  3. Walter Joy

    It has begun- Project Delmae

    I guess the past year and a half of me SAYING I was going to start working on Delmae and the constant taunts and bullying of Wyatt and Nick on Facebook has finally gotten to me. IT HAS BEGUN!
  4. Walter Joy

    Known GA4 Cars

    So as many know, I have a small affinity for GA4 Mopars that stemmed from my own ownership of Delmae, a GA4 coded Polara. To give you an idea of how rare, here’s the total production percentage of C Bodies painted in 1971 (no GA4 C bodies in 1972) : - 1.8% of all Dodge Polaras and Monacos - 2.5%...
  5. Walter Joy

    When you don’t have a truck...

    Anyone have a back story to this? Found it over on Instagram.
  6. Walter Joy

    A pillar structure differences

    Ever since leaving Carlisle, I have been on a constant buzz in finding a set of A-pillars for Delmae (1971 Polara 4 door sedan). Unfortunately most places I’ve contacted do not have them, however, a friend of mine Grant Hyler happens to have a few Fury parts cars that have solid A pillars and is...
  7. Walter Joy

    Delmae’s New Parts

    You know that adage “too nice of things on too junk of cars”? Well this is that instance, and I apologize to all my friends who have seen my posts elsewhere on what I’m about to show. Back in February, I picked up a set of 15x8 Cop Rally wheels for Delmae using some of my 21st birthday money I...
  8. Walter Joy

    Seen over on Daily Mail

    As with any young and spry person of society, I spend a majority of my time on social media and gaining all my information from said outlets. I spotted this over on the Daily Mail about a cold case murder from 1970. What pulled me in wasn’t the murder, but in fact the photo of the car they used...
  9. Walter Joy

    Police Bumper Guards

    So I stumbled across this on Facebook earlier and now I am curious. The white Polara is the car in question with what looks like oversized bumper guards/bumperettes on it (I’m guessing to act as a push guard?). Never seen them before on any other Polara I could find (all I can find are the ones...
  10. Walter Joy

    Project Delmae Update (2019-April 2020)

    So it’s been another year (!!!) since I have made an update post on Delmae. Feel like it’s finally time to post what all has been done: From where we left off, I had purchased a rusted out gas tank for far too much, and had put a damper on my mood. Luckily, that has been temporary resolved...
  11. Walter Joy

    1969-74 South African Chrysler 383

    As many know, I run a page on Facebook with @71Polara383 called "1970-1971 Dodge Polaras and Monacos", and in doing so I scour many Facebook groups looking for previous and current owners and their cars. However, through this, I have discovered something that I doubt many know- the 1969-74...
  12. Walter Joy

    Project Delmae License Plates

    For a while now I had been thinking about what to do about plates for my 1971 Polara. Whether to get historics or find 1971 plates for it. Well my answer came a few nights ago when I was in one of the sheds and found these: the original license plates to the car. Just something fun and cool that...
  13. Walter Joy

    What do I need?

    So hopefully the end of the year I will start the tear down on my 71 Polara called Delmae. At this point I will be replacing and rebuilding the front suspension and engine. I misspoke earlier and will formally correct it here: the subframe I got is from a 71 Newport. So now that that’s out of...
  14. Walter Joy

    New Stubframe- Thank you Mindshark13

    Got the deal of a lifetime on this, and hopefully this is one step closer to getting Delmae on the road. Keith (Mindshark13) out of Florida luckily had a 71 Newport stubframe for sale and with the help from a buddy of mine, got it to me in Maryland. It’s in remarkable shape, and will most likely...
  15. Walter Joy

    Facebook group for 1970-71 Polara and Monaco

    After being an active member on many C body forums across the internet, I have noticed that the 1970 and 1971 Polaras and Monacos aren’t really that well publicized. So to fix that, I created a Facebook group solely for it, as it is ran and moderated by owners of these cars.
  16. Walter Joy

    1971 Polara Stub Frame

    So I finally got around to showing the real reason why Delmae is not on the road. As you can tell, the stub frame up front has caved in from where we had set cinder blocks under it. Also included are the rusted ends of the frame rails in the rear. I’m solely focused on the front stub frame for...
  17. Walter Joy

    Project Delmae Update

    It has been over a year since I have updated my progress on my 1971 Polara named Delmae. So here’s the update (will post all photos and videos at the end)... From December 2017 to May 2018, nothing happened. My father would keep asking me when I was going to go pull the car. Well May 2018 was...
  18. Walter Joy

    New member introduction

    Hi forum members. My name is Walter Joy. I am an 18 year old fresh out of high school and preparing for college, and as a graduation gift, I acquired a Polara. This car is a 1971 Dodge Polara Custom Sedan equipped with the A01 Turnpike package (even though that package was a 69-70 only), but...