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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item 'Jackson's Garage'

    Dang! How many Mopars do you own?
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item 'Mike's Plymouth Vip'

    Was the Super Commando 383 just the 383 with a 4-Barrel? Curious to know what that silver liner is you put in the car. Is it a worthwhile addition?
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item '1966 300 16-year-old Son's Project'

    Wonderful to hear of a young-un learning to do this sort of tasks. Wonderful that you could pry him away from video games and cell phone to get intereted in something practical!
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item '1964 Chrysler New Yorker Survivor'

    Beautiful! Never seen one this color. The seat uphostery fabric is rather unusual! This car will be a very comfortable cruiser for you, but it will not be easy on gas.
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item '1964 Chrysler New Yorker Survivor'

    Too cool! MY Grandpa had a 1963 300, and I drove around St. Louis with him and my Grandma! Wish I could find another like it. Loved that instrument panel with push button shift.
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    4th of July buy! 1971 New Yorker sunroof 440

    I am just how stunned I am at your find. I have NEVER seen a New Yorker or Newport in the junkyard with a sunroof, and I have been to a lot of junkyards. What a treasure you have! The raised letter tires just don't seem to go with such a prestigious car, however. Hope you bring it to some...
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item 'Our New Project 1955 Imperial, 1rst Gen 331 Hemi'

    The more luxurious the car, the more nightmarish is the wiring harness. Good grief, my Newports wiring was complicated enough! I see someone added lap belts along the way.
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item '1967 Imperial Lebaron'

    Always loved these years, but the lack of a headrest in a rear-end collision scares me! Nice job on the restoration. Really love that color!
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item 'Vlad's Garage Dominated By The 1976 Chrysler New Yorker'

    Amazing car with an amazing engine compartment. Didn't know New Yorkers were ever this fancy. An Imperial was not so much of a step up from this.
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    For Sale '57 Plymmie 4-door in PA for $11.3k

    Grandma's Savoy was so basic it lacked a factory radio and carpeting. Just rubber mats over the rusted metal floor. No power steering nor power brakes either. Boy, did it take strength to turn that car while parking!
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    My 70 Fury 2 with a little bit better HP

    The panel to the left of the speedo is the EFI control panel. The panel on top of the bottom of the speedo is what exactly?
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    My 70 Fury 2 with a little bit better HP

    Dying to know what sort of gas mileage you get with it. My stock 383 Fury got 14mpg hiway at best.
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    For Sale '57 Plymmie 4-door in PA for $11.3k

    Incredible. A green car just like this was my daily ride to community college in 1972-1973. They really were bad about rusting though. Still remember the jerk the two speed transmission made as it shifted from low to high.
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item '1966 Chrysler 300 Black 2 Door Hardtop Germany'

    So funny to see fuzzy dice from mirror in Germany, too!
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item '68 Ragedout Top'

    You got your work cut out for you. Hope to see photos when you are done!
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    Comment by 'Henrius' in item 'Vlad's Garage Dominated By The 1976 Chrysler New Yorker'

    Funny how much they resembled Lincolns of the period. Does this beautiful car sport the original paint? Must have been garaged most all its life.
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    How Do I Remove Dash Wiring Harness?

    Thanks for the Faston reference. I went to their website. Individual crimped connectors are available for each wire, but the plastic pieces that hold the connectors in alignment to fit relays, switches, and etc. are what is badly damaged. These seem to be unavailable. I don't know where harness...
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    How Do I Remove Dash Wiring Harness?

    Sure would be easier to disconnect if the engine were not in place! Gosh, getting to that bulkhead connector is a pain. Guess I will jack the car up and see if I can work on it from underneath. Now I know why the two restoration shops I have approached don't want to work on dash projects! The...
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    How Do I Remove Dash Wiring Harness?

    Well, I had not really planned to remove the wiring. Trouble was, I could not find a source of odd-shaped connectors like the ones that went to the headlight switch or steering wheel harness. So the second option was to remove them completely and let someone refurbish them. Mr. Heaterbox in...
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    Anyone Restore Interior Plastic Trim?

    Thanks for the good information, everyone. My panels are not so bad they they have cracked, fortunately. It would be easy enough to pain, if I could restore the texture. I am a dentist. Perhaps I could make a mold of the places with undamaged texture, and try some if the Ronseal wood...