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  1. glhs0075

    66 polara 500

    Not even the great Tom Cotter can get the "Polara" name right!
  2. glhs0075

    Data Plate Decode

    Great information Eureka, thank you for sharing.
  3. glhs0075

    Data Plate Decode

    I'm looking for some help decoding what little information is available on my Canadian 1965 Polara data plate. Some of this information was provided to me in the past, but unfortunately I can't remember all of it, and can't find the information now. Here's what I think I know... Does the VIN...
  4. glhs0075

    Slab Side key question

    My '65 has the same key for doors and ignition. A separate one for the trunk, and a third key for the glove box. The original owner restored the car in the early 2000's, so he might have changed it at that time, but I doubt it.
  5. glhs0075

    fuselage convertible day here in Victoria

    I love the island, can't wait to be able to go back and visit again. That's a really nice congregation of fuselage C's!
  6. glhs0075

    Medicine Hat Alberta Members

    My parents grew up in the 'hat, so I spent a lot of time there in my younger days. I really like it there, but have heard crime / drug problem has gotten bad lately (but that applies to every city). I'm not too far away in Calgary, and would be willing to make the drive south for a car show if...
  7. glhs0075

    PSA : Please carry a fire extinguisher...

    THIS! So many turbo mopars have been lost because of this rubber fuel line failing. OP, so glad you saved your Daytona. Nice car!
  8. glhs0075

    Impoting from Canada?

    I've moved two cars the other way (US to Canada). The first time I used a broker, the second time I did it all myself. I agree that with the current situation, going through a broker would be best thing to do right now. There's no idea how long the buyer will have to wait for the border to...
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    The 1965 Polara/Monaco/880 thread!!

    I found it in Edmonton Alberta. It was a one owner car up until about 2018, when the dealer from Edmonton bought it from the estate at auction. I bought it in 2019. The original owner purchased it new in Calgary Alberta, where it spent it's whole life until the Edmonton dealer. I think that the...
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Very nice! What province are you in?
  11. glhs0075

    1964 Chrysler Canadian Paint Code PP

    Wow Bill, helps immensely, exactly the information I was looking for! Thank you very much.
  12. glhs0075

    1964 Chrysler Canadian Paint Code PP

    I'm resurecting an old thread with the hopes that Bill Watson or somebody can help me out with the modern manufacturer paint code for 1965 E Huron Blue Metallic. CIL code 2352-2283.
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    Some rain in Cochrane, but no snow. Hopefully it doesn't last, I'm not ready to put the cars away yet.
  14. glhs0075

    1970 Dodge Polara Convertible 383

    Nice looking car! I hope I get to see it in person at some point.
  15. glhs0075

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    The saloon was too busy. We ended up stopping at Water Valley for a cold drink and a bite, it was nice to be able to sit and get to know some of the others a bit. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you in person 300rag, hopefully we'll rectify that one of these days.
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Went on a nice, long cruise yesterday.
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    The Newport in the 1975 movie Sheba Baby

    IMCDB has been responsible for a large selection of my DVD collection.
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Here in Alberta we can cruise about 4 months a year. Of those, 2 are top down weather. :D