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    1969 Imperial progress thread

    When I rebuilt my door panels I used fiber board. used the originals as a template when cutting them out. Glued several layers of padding down and then stapled the material covering them to it. Placed plastic sheeting behind it for water proofing. The speaker is not original...
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    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Clockwork is a lost art. My uncle did it when he was around. Would go to his house as a kid and all through the house was antique clocks he restored. Every 15 minutes there was the sound of the clocks going off.
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    Washer motor problem

    Try They have washer bottles and pumps. $15.00 for the 67-68 pump. Also 65-66 bottles and 67-68 bottles. Plus a lot more. I didn't see the 65-66 pump though. Conversion to the 67 is trivial and more likely to be available long term. That pump was used through 1992.
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    Washer motor problem

    It's not a good idea to let the fluid freeze inside the pump. Use the purple stuff that goes to -30F. Here in Minnesota the blue stuff freezes and nothing comes out when you need to clean the road crud off your windshield. Only solution is to park in a heated garage overnight and run the pump...
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    Bad news for my '67 Fury III hardtop

    I made a windshield removal tool out of a knock off craftsman 1/4" screwdriver. Put it in a vise, heat the end with a propane torch and bend over about 1/4" to 90 degrees, then let cool. Slip it under the trim and slide to where you feel a clip, rock it up and down (assuming side trim here...
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    New EFI gas tank

    Came across an advertisement for an EFI gas tank for a 65 Polara on SummitRacing. 1965 DODGE POLARA Aeromotive 18163 Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Fuel Tanks | Summit Racing Since the 65 and 66 are very similar, I checked my parts book and the 66 tank covers all cbodies with part # 2800923. My...
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    Pistons, Rings and Bearings removed!

    If you do the machine shop work you will need to replace the pistons, rings and bearings. Might as well have the heads looked at too. Not sure of the year but if they were leaded gas versions the seats really need to be replaced with hardened versions. Did the engine backfire through the carb...
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    Four Carbs, all loading fuel at bottom of intake

    Carb jetting? Possible accelerator pump putting out too much fuel? Try reducing pump setting. Check jet size and the metering rods (and their springs). If it runs better with more air that indicates way too much fuel. Download the carburetor tuning guide from edelbrock. I suspect the metering...
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    Sandblast them to clean metal. Then get a leading kit from Eastwood. If you are patient you can fill them in and it will last for a very long time. Also has structural strength, bondo doesn't. Lead doesn't rust or absorb moisture. It's what Chrysler used to seal the seams in this area on a lot...
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    Turn signal option

    If this is true, there will be more than one part # for the dash wiring harness. Otherwise there should be pigtails that are not used. Check the parts manual in the electrical section. You could splice some wire into the harness to make them work. Big John's photo shows what is needed. Be a lot...
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    Another booster question.

    Desert Valley Auto Parts has a booster from a 72 model c-body, $125. Should fit earlier c-bodies. One fit my 66. Try connecting it to the vacuum hose and see if it holds vacuum before installing. It will probably need rebuilding at booster dewey's shop. Easy to find him online. This is the...
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    TTI Shortie or Long Tube headers for 68 NY’er?

    So who makes the kit? Been looking for something like that.
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    Need a Drum Brake Expert

    A total guess here. Are the shoes on correctly? one has more surface area than the other. They could be swapped. I don't remember if the larger shoe goes in front or not. I swapped to disk brakes years ago so my memory is rusty.
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    Almost fits

    "2300 is pretty peppy for a 4 banger" The one I had in my 78 mustang was a piece of junk. In 93 my wife and I bought a Ford Tempo with the 2300. It ran great, but it had a redesigned cylinder head and fuel injection. Otherwise mostly the same. The best thing that happened was the mustang was...
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    Steering coupler found

    I suggest giving it the hairy eyeball. They do deteriorate and when they break it's always at the worst possible time. If you see any cracks at all, replace it. Mine broke when driving around a corner in a parking garage. Fortunately there was an open spot I was able to maneuver into...
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    sluggish ride

    Before removing the distributor, make a mark with a sharpie on the engine block and distributor so you can put it back in the exact same position. If you do that there is only two ways to install it, correctly or 180 degrees off. Do not crank the engine with the distributor removed. Use a can...
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    Ford Has Everything Already Thought Out for Us Collectors

    ---What scientist do you speak of specifically? What exactly are they saying? Are you referring to the tired media bs headline of "97% of scientist", 97% of whom don't agree with that media statement? I remember not too many years ago NOAA & NASA were accused by quite a few scientist of cooking...
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    Ford Has Everything Already Thought Out for Us Collectors

    Not quite a flying car... Zenith Aircraft Company Build it yourself for around $60K. Get licensed for around 2K. Can run on 87 octane car gas. Cruise at 120+mph for hours at a time with no cops to bother you. If you have some flat land you can takeoff and land on your own property. I'm looking...
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    Nice Shiny High Current Alternator and Stuff!

    I have an electric fan too. The only issue I've found is it runs whenever the key is on and the temp is hot enough. Doesn't help with starting to have a ~30 amp load active while trying to start the engine. I am planning on adding a relay that will disable the fan enable when the starter is...
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    Mathilda, Our Lovely 66 Newport, Wantonly DESTROYED by a Gen Xcrement Sociopath!

    I agree about driving our cars in large cities, or anywhere else for that matter. Way too many people yapping on their phones. I try to limit my driving to the Back to the 50's show in St. Paul or the Mopars in the Park in Stillwater. Still, I always keep an eye on the rear view mirror when...