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  1. 78Brougham

    Original Bumper jack colors

    Mine is Chrysler blue... just sayin' I've also got a green one. For whatever its worth.
  2. 78Brougham

    What is happening with the home page?

    Mines been frigged up all day...the whole site!
  3. 78Brougham

    60 DeSoto Adventurer

    :wideyed: AWESOME SCORE CONGRATS!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup: Makes me wish I had mine back.
  4. 78Brougham

    Land Yacht (77 Newport Custom)

    Nice Score! $1509 and road wheels to boot!:thumbsup:
  5. 78Brougham

    1969 Imperial for sale eBay

    :wideyed: Another WOW!!!!!
  6. 78Brougham

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial, 60k miles, PA Ebay

    $13,876!!!!! NICE!!!!
  7. 78Brougham

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial, 60k miles, PA Ebay

    Personally, I'm glad to see the Formal's getting their "Props" in the way of big dollars. That way mine is worth that much more. Don't be a "Hater". Enjoy the fact that our cars are finally starting to come around and bringing a higher dollar. If anyone is interested in mine PM me. It's...
  8. 78Brougham

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial, 60k miles, PA Ebay

    I've got a brake lathe in my shop right now that turns the rotors right on the vehicle.... just sayin' Like I said before... Unless some nimrod rode the brakes down to metal to metal you may never need to turn them. This car only has 60k on odometer.... C'mon man... LOL
  9. 78Brougham

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial, 60k miles, PA Ebay

    Re-line the pads. The rotor can be turned if necessary. Ever hear of a brake lathe??? Not everytime you change the pads do you have to buy new rotors.... Just sayin'
  10. 78Brougham

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial, 60k miles, PA Ebay

    Rear brakes are overrated. :rofl: Besides, I know a place that will re-line anything.
  11. 78Brougham

    A New Ride

    Great find Scotty!!!!! Those cars are a great ride!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  12. 78Brougham

    1977 New Car Photos

    Must've really loved that engine........ sheesh
  13. 78Brougham


    Unless you don't have a radio at all, don't waste your money on these. Most times the old components buried inside are plain junk (leaking caps, bad diodes, transistors, etc) and won't work worth a fiddlers damn. I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars chasing down radios that work...
  14. 78Brougham

    For Sale 1971 Imperial $4,000

    That's the speedometer cable. Runs from the trans, to the cruise control servo, then there should be another one from the servo to the speedometer. Can't tell what that wire is from that angle...
  15. 78Brougham

    Carlisle 2021

    That manhole is a shit-pipe not a storm drain. Thank God the lid is tight!!!
  16. 78Brougham

    Carlisle 2021

    I hear you..been there, done that. Time heals all wounds...
  17. 78Brougham

    Carlisle 2021

    I'm calling double bullshit...:rofl: I was just getting out of my car, and you guys were just dispersing.... Never mind that shit, how's life been treating you out there? Everything as good as you guys were hoping for?
  18. 78Brougham

    Carlisle 2021

    What gives? About three years ago I was pulling into my parking spot and you wouldn't wait 30 seconds.... that's bullshit.:rofl: